Safety Routes

  • Plan to go to a safe location. Identify two locations located at higher ground in the case of flooding, and two locations out of the area in case of landslides.
    • Moving to higher ground is not necessarily the best choice in the case of landslides (see: Landslide Safety)
  • Have a plan for your pets so you won’t be delayed in leaving a danger zone
  • Know more than one way to get to your safe locations on foot if necessary (see: Vehicle Safety)
  • NOTE: The City of Boulder may not always be a safe location. City residents may also be affected by flash flooding or water surges in certain situations.
  • Practice leaving by means of your safety routes
  • Talk with family members and neighbors to plan where you will meet and how you will check in with each other at your safety locations 

Before the Flood

The following steps can be taken to prepare before an emergency hits:
  • Promptly notify Boulder County Road Maintenance at 303-441-3962, or in an emergency 911, if you see potential for roadway flooding or debris issues.
  • Remove debris and sediment from drainage channels near your property. You may need to do this several times during a rainy season.
  • Talk with your neighbors and family about how you will communicate during a disaster.
  • Contact the Flood Recovery Center for information on using sand bags and other erosion control techniques to protect your property. Email or call 303-441-1705.