flood debris on property 

Permission to Enter Property / Right of Entry

Boulder County and its agents may need to access your property in order to work on flood recovery projects to protect the public health and safety of Boulder County residents and facilitate rehabilitation of infrastructure and improvements located on or, accessed by, your property.

Residents can check the property map to determine if a Right of Entry form has been requested for their address. Requested properties are highlighted in pink. 

Please sign and return a Right of Entry/ Hold Harmless Agreement/ Duplication of Benefits form using one of the following methods:

  • Complete the form online (scroll down) 
  • Download the form, sign and either:

Thank you for completing Boulder County's Right of Entry/ Hold Harmless Agreement/ Duplication of Benefits Form. If you have any questions about this form, please contact Francesca Gonzales at (720) 564-2726.

High Hazard Debris

Boulder County is currently working with property owners and federal agencies such as FEMA to remove high hazard flood debris, with the immediate goal being to remove this debris before heavy spring runoff or additional flooding occurs. On March 26 and April 1, letters were sent to owners of properties where high hazard debris exists. See High Hazard Debris Property Owner Letter and Forms and Voluntary Owner Abatement Instructions

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