Aging Advisory Council (AAC)

The Aging Advisory Council (AAC) serves in advisory capacity to the Area Agency on Aging. The AAC helps in the administration and planning of Older Americans Act programs by gathers information and ideas that could help to coordinate the delivery of services and by responding effectively to the strengths and needs of older adults throughout Boulder County.

Meeting Schedule

The AAC meets on the first Friday of each month from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. There are no meetings during the months of July and November. Meeting locations vary monthly.

For information specific to an upcoming meeting, please contact Laura Matthews at 303-441-1583.


Council members serve a term of three years. There can be up to 22 members (with both at-large and geographically designated seats). Members can only serve two consecutive full terms as per AAC bylaws.

Current Members

  • Mike Befeler, Co-Chair - Member-at-large
  • Susan Borutzki - Member-at-large
  • Linnea Carter - Allenspark Senior Advisory Committee
  • Dennis “Denny” Dalpez - Nederland Area Seniors Representative
  • Margarita Delgado - Member-at-large
  • Maureen Denig - Member-at-large
  • Tonia Elliott - Boulder County Adult Protection
  • Deborah Fahey - Louisville Senior Advisory Board Rep.
  • Pat Feeser - Member-at-Large
  • Marietta Gonzales - Longmont Senior Citizens Advisory Board
  • Diane Knudsen - Member-at-large
  • Janice Michon - Member-at-large
  • Robin Osborne - Lafayette Senior Citizen Advisory Board
  • Elaine Senko - Member-at-large
  • Brenda Stiers - Member-at-large
  • Richard Tate - Member-at-large
  • Ellen Taxman - Member-at-large
  • Mary Ann Triplett - Member-at-large
  • Ginny Walker - Member-at-large
  • Ruth Waukau - Member-at-large
  • Susan Zapata - Member-at-large