Community Action Programs Administrating Board (CAPAB)

The Community Action Programs Board partners to provide opportunities for education, self-sufficiency, and community involvement for disenfranchised and low income people. The board advises Community Action Programs (CAP) staff on program development and implementation.


The CAPAB meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m.

Community Services Building
Sundquist Conference Room
3482 Broadway
Map & Directions

For information about an upcoming meeting, please contact Eliberto Mendoza at.303-441-3972.

Current Members

  • Tim Barnes
  • Susan Boucher
  • Dorothy Bustamante
  • David Chatham
  • Luis Chavez
  • Art Figel
  • Christine Kortals
  • Amy Maziarz
  • Nikki McCord
  • Rogelio Peña
  • Frank Mortz
  • Manuela Chavez
  • Robin Chavez
  • Leo Durocher
  • Maria Velasco