Food & Agriculture Policy Council

The Food and Agriculture Policy Council (FAPC) will soon be called the Food Systems Advisory Council.


Normally meets every third Thursday of each month
Boulder County Fairgrounds (Natural Resources Building)
6:30 - 8 p.m.
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Agendas & Meeting Records

Public Participation

Public participation is encouraged. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Each speaker will have a maximum of five minutes to testify on any one issue.
  • Speakers will be limited to three minutes for a controversial issue where many people are signed up to speak. Speakers may forfeit their time to another speaker, however, that speaker will be limited to nine minutes.
  • If a speaker needs considerably more time than allocated, contact Adrian Card at 303-678-6383 and request to be placed on the agenda.
  • If you need special assistance, please contact Human Resources at 303-441-3525 at least 48 hours before the scheduled event.
  • There will be a sign-up sheet for speakers just outside the meeting room.


  1. Increase food production in Boulder County
  2. Improve access to locally produced food
  3. Improve economic viability of agriculture in Boulder
  4. Recognize and enhance the role of Boulder County's food and agriculture system in conserving and regenerating natural resources and the environment
  5. Improve health for all Boulder County residents
  6. Build community bridges

Strategic Plan

The FAPC Strategic Plan is a flexible, living document, designed to be reviewed, edited, and updated annually by the Council with subsequent approval by the Commissioners. Its purpose is to provide step-by-step concrete guidance to the Council and its committees and, at a glance, show the current status of various projects. The plan consists of values and operating principles as well as specific short-term and long-term goals, objectives, actions and timelines for potential positive impact toward fulfilling the Council's mission.

Current Members

There are ten voting members (plus one POS staff non-voting member) appointed by the Board of County Commissioners and serve a three year term. Members can be reached by contacting Adrian Card at 303-678-6383.

  • Scott Miller¬†
  • Dan Matsch
  • Shanan Olson
  • Famuer Rasmussen
  • Alan Lewis
  • Mary Mulry
  • Steve Penner
  • Keith Bateman
  • Virginia Schultz


Adrian Card
CSU Extension Office