Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Downloadable Data

To access the data within the below files, use ArcGIS Explorer for layer packages and shapefiles and Google Earth for KMZ format files. Roads may be accessed through the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). The Assessor’s Property Data Downloads page contains Assessor’s property data for download in .csv format.
Google Earth
ESRI Layer
Package (LPK)
ESRI Shapefiles
Building FootprintKMZLPKTXT (6.6 MB) ZIP
Comprehensive Plan
Archaeologically Sensitive AreasKMZLPKTXT (50 KB) ZIP
Environmental Conservation AreasKMZLPKTXT (176 KB) ZIP
Geological HazardsKMZLPKTXT (699 KB) ZIP
Mineral Resource AreasKMZLPKTXT (64 KB) ZIP
Natural Communities, Rare Plants, Riparian Corridors, Critical Wildlife HabitatKMZLPKTXT (130 KB) ZIP
Significant Agricultural LandKMZLPKTXT (150 KB) ZIP
Control Points
Primary Control PointsKMZLPKTXT (2 KB) ZIP
Secondary Control PointsKMZLPKTXT (7 KB) ZIP
Tertiary Control PointsKMZLPKTXT (4 KB) ZIP
Flood 2013 Comprehensive Creek Planning AreasKMZLPKTXT (56 KB) ZIP
Flood 2013 Daily RainfallKMZLPKTXT (731 KB) ZIP
Flood 2013 Inundated Area PreliminaryKMZLPKTXT (624 KB) ZIP
Flood 2013 Total RainfallKMZLPKTXT (104 KB) ZIP
Four Mile Canyon Fire Building StatusKMZLPKTXT (93 KB) ZIP
Four Mile Canyon Fire PerimeterKMZLPKTXT (19 KB) ZIP
Four Mile Canyon Fire ProgressionKMZLPKTXT (102 KB) ZIP
Four Mile Canyon Fire Soil Burn SeverityKMZLPKTXT (158 KB) ZIP
Past Wildfire PerimetersKMZLPKTXT (69 KB) ZIP
FloodplainKMZLPKTXT (8.0 MB) ZIP
Lakes and ReservoirsKMZLPKTXT (594 KB) ZIP
Stream Channel- PostfloodKMZLPKTXT (3.6 MB) ZIP
Stream Channel- PrefloodKMZLPKTXT (2.2 MB) ZIP
Streams and DitchesKMZLPKTXT (3.0 MB) ZIP
Open Space
Open SpaceKMZLPKTXT (2.7 MB) ZIP
Open Space ClosuresKMZLPKTXT (466 KB) ZIP
MunicipalitiesKMZLPKTXT (248 KB) ZIP
Precincts 2013KMZLPKTXT (818 KB) ZIP
Property Information
ParcelsKMZLPKTXT (77.8 MB) ZIP
Public Safety
Fire StationsKMZLPKTXT (13 KB) ZIP
Park AmenitiesKMZLPKTXT (15 KB) ZIP
Regional TrailsKMZLPKTXT (309 KB) ZIP
Snow Wind Load Map
Wind Load 08KMZLPKTXT (47 KB) ZIP
Subdivisions and Other Platted AreasKMZLPKTXT (3.9 MB) ZIP
Wildfire Protection
Community Boundaries, CWPP Map 2KMZLPKTXT (1.1 MB) ZIP
Community Values at Risk, CWPP Map 21KMZLPKTXT (31 KB) ZIP
Ecology Life Zones, CWPP Map 15KMZLPKTXT (329 KB) ZIP
Forest Management Projects, CWPP Map 31KMZLPKTXT (16 KB) ZIP
Long Term Strategic Fuel Break Plan, CWPP Map 34KMZLPKTXT (979 KB) ZIP
Wildfire Areas of Concern, CWPP Map 30KMZLPKTXT (66 KB) ZIP
Wildfire Hazard (2011), CWPP Map 28KMZLPKTXT (69 KB) ZIP
Wildfire Hazard Rating (2000)KMZLPKTXT (3.1 MB) ZIP
Wildfire Intensity Index, CWPP Map 19KMZLPKTXT (99 KB) ZIP
Wildland Urban Interface, CWPP Map 42KMZLPKTXT (75 KB) ZIP
Marijuana Business Regulatory AreasKMZLPKTXT (1.4 MB) ZIP
Marijuana EstablishmentsKMZLPKTXT (12 KB) ZIP
Other Zoning Code Regulation AreasKMZLPKTXT (1.3 MB) ZIP
Overlay Zoning DistrictsKMZLPKTXT (3.0 MB) ZIP
Planning Applications Under Review KMZLPKTXT (237 KB) ZIP
Zoning DistrictsKMZLPKTXT (883 KB) ZIP