RSS Feeds

Boulder County has many Really Simple Syndication (RSS) News feeds available. These feeds alert you to information posted to the County's Listserv lists. To subscribe to a feed, visit the List Archives*  or browse the popular news feeds below:

 Press Releases

Commissioners Agenda

Consumer Alerts

Land Use Code

Parks and Open Space Volunteer Work Projects

What are RSS News Feeds?

RSS news feeds give you the ability to be notified when Web site content has been updated. You will receive the latest headlines inside a RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader.  News feeds are also referred to as RSS.

How Do I Use RSS?

You need a news reader to subscribe to a RSS news feed.  A news reader is a piece of software that checks for the latest information from a Web site for you.  There are many different types of news readers available.  Some news readers can be installed in your Web browser while others are software applications.

How Do I Get A News Reader?

You may already have a news reader.  Many popular browsers and e-mail programs have an news reader built in -- check the program's documentation for more information.

You can also find RSS news reader software by doing an internet search for "news reader" or "rss reader."  You should be able to choose the best option for your computer and your operating system based on the search results.  Many RSS readers are free but purchased software is also available.  

* Some lists may require you to subscribe before you can view the RSS news feeds.