Open Space Sales Tax

Boulder County residents have approved various sales taxes to support the preservation of open space purchases, the management and conservation of native habitats, and support of recreational opportunities.

Tax Measures Approved by Boulder County Residents

1993: 0.25% sales tax through 2009
1999: Extension of 0.25% sales tax through 2019
2004: 0.1% sales tax, of which 0.05% is perpetual and 0.05% is through 2024
2008: extension of existing 0.1% tax through 2029
2010: 0.15% sales tax through 2030

Tax Allocation

Money raised by these sales taxes supports acquisition of open space by allowing the county to purchase new properties as well as pay off bonds that enabled earlier open space purchases. The funds also pay for programs that help preserve habitat, provide educational and recreational programs and create and maintain trails.

For more information, visit the Open Space Funding Sources page.


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