Senior Tax Worker Program

The Senior Tax Worker Program is an opportunity for seniors to earn money equivalent to the Boulder County-designated portion of their property taxes (up to $1,000). This program is for people 60 years or older who own property in Boulder County and live at the location where the taxes are due.

Application deadline is June 15 each year



About the Program

Senior property owners are hired as temporary workers for the county at a wage of $10 per hour. Participants are eligible to earn between $240 and $1,000, based on the Boulder County portion of their property tax bill.

The Commissioners’ Office pays half of each senior's salary, and the other half is paid by the department that hires the senior. The senior receives a monthly paycheck for the hours worked. Social Security and Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA) are deducted from this monthly paycheck. Wages earned are not deducted from taxes due, but rather paid directly to the senior tax worker; all participants in the program are still responsible for paying their property taxes by the due date(s).


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