Volunteer Opportunity Details

Boulder County Volunteers!
Position Title:Adopt-A-County Road Program
Category:Parks, Environment, Gardening and Agriculture
Time Commitment or Project Date:One year; twice a year. Must be at least 12 years old with adult supervision.
Various roadways in unincorporated boulder county.
Program Summary:
The Adopt-A-County road Program began in 1990 and was modeled after a national program as a way to keep our roadways litter-free.  Volunteers find the program to be a positive experience and allows their group to interact with each other as well as their community.
Duties and Responsibilities:
The group commits to cleaning up a section of roadway, normally between 1 to 3 mile, for a 1-year period.  Transportation provides safety training, vests, orange trash bags and a sign with the groups name.  Road Maintenance disposes or recycles items collected during the cleanup.  The group provides the volunteers and performs two cleanups per year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

The group is also required to view a meth lab waste video showing what hazards to avoid during their cleanups.  Everyone participating will be required to sign a liability waiver annually.
Qualifications and Requirements:
Minimum age to participate is 12 and must have adult supervision.
Application or Registration Deadline:
Application Process:
Applications and information can be located on the Adopt-A-County Road Program website.  For information on available roadways contact Transportation at 303-441-3900 or email transportation@bouldercounty.org.
Training Dates and Information:
After approval of the application a date and time will be arranged for safety training.
Additional Information:
Monica, 303-441-3900, mortiz@bouldercounty.org or Rose, 303-441-3974, rwalters@bouldercounty.org.


All volunteers need to review Boulder County's Multicultural Diversity and EEO and Unlawful Discrimination Policies before starting their volunteer assignment.

If you need special assistance to fill out a volunteer application, please contact our Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator at 303-441-3525.

Boulder County supports infants at work when feasible, so please inquire with the volunteer coordinator if you are a new parent considering a volunteer opportunity.