GeoCaching Registration

GeoCaching Rules & Regulations

  1. Any person placing or searching for a cache on Boulder County Parks and Open Space areas is responsible for reading and adhering to the Rules and Regulations as amended.
  2. Cache Container Size: Cache must be a minimum of 2.5" on each side and no side can be greater than 12" long. The volume of a cache container must not exceed 500 cubic inches.
  3. Cache Container Type: Cache container must be transparent on at least two sides. The best containers are Rubbermaid-type containers that are see-through. You must label your container "geocache".
  4. Cache Contents: The name and email address of the person placing the cache must be included in the container. Please fill your cache with family-oriented items only. Caches may not contain food, tobacco, scented items (so as not to attract animals), explosives, ammunition, knives, multi-tools, drugs, or alcohol.
  5. Cache Location: Cache must be located in an area that is open to the public and must be within 50 feet of certain designated trails. Trails designated for on-trail use only are not open to geocaching. Areas that are closed to the public are not open to geocaching. Whether you are placing or searching for a cache, it is your responsibility to know which areas are open.
  6. Placing and Searching for Cache:
    • Parks and Open Space areas are open from sunrise to sunset - no geocaching at night.
    • Use "leave no trace principles" to hide and find a cache.
    • You may not dig any ground, disturb live material or anchored material while hiding or searching for a cache.
    • You may not disturb structures, historical sites, or cultural resources. For example, you cannot pull up plants, break branches of trees or shrubs, or dislodge rocks or dead branches.
    • You may not place a cache in any mine site, building, dam, or any structure.
    • You may move loose leaves, loose rocks, or loose branches to cover your cache.
  7. Expiration Date: You are responsible for removing your cache within six months of registration. If you fail to remove your cache, it will be removed and disposed of.


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