Land Through the Lens Photo Exhibit

The Parks & Open Space department and the Boulder County Parks & Open Space Foundation will being accepting submissions for a juried photography exhibit later this spring. The submission deadline is August 1 and the exhibit will be held October 13 through November 3.

Land Through The Lens: A 2017 Photography Exhibit

Land Through The Lens is a chance to showcase beautiful photographs captured on parks and open space lands. The event is held every other year and is open to everyone. The event promotes the discovery, understanding and enjoyment of our parks and open space through the photographic celebration of the natural world.

Rules & Guidelines

  • Photographs must be of Boulder County parks and open space land.
  • Photographs of other open space lands, such as the City of Boulder's open space, or other natural areas, will not be considered.
  • The event is open to all living artists.
  • Photographers can submit up to five photographs to be considered for inclusion in the exhibit for a $30 entry fee. All proceeds benefit the Boulder County Parks and Open Space Foundation.
  • Prizes will be awarded.
  • Map of Recommended Areas(3.2 MB)
  • Complete Rules & Guidelines

Photography Sessions

Sunset Photography Session
at Betasso Preserve

April 29
7 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Additional sunrise, sunset, full moon and new moon photography sessions will be posted throughout the year.

How To Apply

Starting in May, photographers will be able to submit up to five photos for a $30 entry fee. The application deadline is August 1.


The exhibit will be run October 13 through November 3 at The Great Frame Up - Longmont.

2015 Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Land Through the Lens event.

David Silver – Sticks and Clouds at Walden Ponds

Best in Show
David Silver – "Sticks and Clouds" at Walden Ponds

Verdon Tomajko – Night Heron Diving at Walden Ponds

2nd Place
Verdon Tomajko – "Night Heron Diving" at Walden Ponds

Michael Lohr – Flight of the Flickers at Harney Lastoka Property

3rd Place
Michael Lohr – "Flight of the Flickers" at Harney Lastoka Property

Daniel Joder – Sugarloaf Summit at Dawn at Sugarloaf Mountain

Commissioners' Choice
Daniel Joder – "Sugarloaf Summit at Dawn" at Sugarloaf Mountain

Cindy Payler – Peaking in the Chicken Coop at Agricultural Heritage Center

Honorable Mention
Cindy Payler – "Peaking in the Chicken Coop" at Agricultural Heritage Center

Lyle Rosbotham – Caribou Deluge at Caribou Ranch

Honorable Mention
Lyle Rosbotham – "Caribou Deluge" at Caribou Ranch

Calvin Whitehall – Aspen Abstract at Mud Lake

Honorable Mention
Calvin Whitehall – "Aspen Abstract" at Mud Lake

Michael Lohr – Winter at Caribou - at Caribou Ranch

People's Choice
Michael Lohr – "Winter at Caribou" at Caribou Ranch


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