Dogs on Open Space 

Dogs on Open Space


Dogs Not Allowed

Because these properties are considered prime wildlife habitat areas, dogs are not allowed at:

Dogs Allowed

Leashes are required. Be courteous and pick up after your dog.

Benefits of Leashing Your Dog

  • Safe from rattlesnakes, mountain lions, and cacti
  • Improved chances of seeing wildlife
  • Avoiding an expensive ticket
  • Minimal impact on wildlife habitat
  • Friendly interactions with other visitors

Off-Leash Areas

Dogs are allowed off-leash at these locations:

  • Reynolds Ranch
  • West lake side of Twin Lakes (leashes are required at the east lake)

Off-Leash Conditions

  • Owners/guardians must have the ability to restrain the dog when requested by staff
  • Dogs are not allowed to harass or engage in threatening behavior toward other visitors, domestic animals, or livestock


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