Prescribed burn 

Prescribed Burns

The prescribed burns at Heil Valley Ranch have concluded for the spring season. Additional prescribed burns will be scheduled later this year.

Nighthawk Burn at Hall Ranch

Wapiti 2 Burn at Heil Valley Ranch

On March 16, fire crews completed 150 acres of the Wapiti 2 prescribed burn at Heil Valley Ranch. Over 80 firefighters from 15 local agencies performed ignitions, holding, and mop up operations. The fire was officially declared out on April 9. All trails are open at Heil Valley Ranch with on-trail use only through the burn area.

More To Do

Approximately 100 acres remain in the Wapiti 2 project area. The remainder of Wapiti 2 will be considered for fall 2016 burn possibilities.

2015 Completed Burns

Nighthawk Burn at Hall Ranch

  • Completed on October 14
  • Fire was introduced to at least 75% of the burn unit in a mosaic pattern
  • To help decrease the occurrence and impact from large uncharacteristic wildfires, the forest understory fuels were reduced by up to 75%
  • The fire intensity was high enough to remove all surface vegetation down to mineral soil on up to 25% of the unit, creating conditions able to support natural ponderosa pine regeneration
  • Post fire monitoring will continue and a report will be available for the public to view when completed
  • Nighthawk Prescribed Burn Report

Overlook Burn at Heil Valley Ranch

  • Completed on October 28
  • 22 acres were burned
  • Approximately 70 firefighters from 15 local fire protection districts and agencies provided resources for the project
  • All fire was contained within the burn unit perimeter and the fire's edge has been secured
  • The goal of this project was to reduce forest understory fuels to help decrease the occurrence and impact from large uncharacteristic wildfires
  • Overlook Prescribed Burn Report


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