Firewood on Open Space 

Firewood Permit Sales

Forestry operations on open space can produce forest products that are suitable for individuals to use as firewood. You may purchase permits (tickets) that allow you to collect firewood at the specified location and date.

Upcoming Firewood Sales

Sales are usually at Hall Ranch just outside of Lyons, but occasionally sales may be in other locations. Check the event title and description for exact details.


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What To Do

  1. Purchase a ticket for the date of your choice.
  2. Each ticket costs $10 and is good for one truckload of wood.
  3. Print your tickets, sign the Liability Waiver and arrive by the specified time.
  4. Staff will lead you into the property.
  5. Load and haul away your firewood.

The Fine Print


  • Tickets may be purchased for personal use only.
  • Each person present must have a signed Liability Waiver.
  • Individuals may purchase a maximum of 10 tickets annually.
  • All sales are final; refunds will not be given.
  • Must arrive by the designated time. Late arrivals cannot be accommodated and tickets will be forfeited.
  • Firewood must be picked up and removed on the specified ticket date. Firewood not picked up will be forfeited.
  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed.


  • Each ticket is good for 1 truck and as many helpers as needed as long as they are transported in the allotted vehicles and sign the Liability Waiver.
  • Due to adverse road conditions, trailers are not allowed.
  • Only 1 trip per vehicle is allowed. Make sure your vehicle can haul the amount of firewood you decide to load.
  • Roads are extremely adverse.
  • 4WD, off-road suitable vehicles are required.
  • All vehicles must be licensed and insured.
  • Drivers must obey all rules, regulations and directions given by staff.
  • Loads must be securely and safely secured per applicable CDOT regulations.


  • Wood species that may be available are ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine, and Douglas-fir, dependent upon site.
  • Firewood may be green or dry.
  • No guarantee of moisture content or wood quality is expressed or implied.

On-Site Cutting

  • Firewood will already be pre-cut into lengths no longer than 8' long, normally stacked in decks along roadside.
  • Bucking of oversized material to facilitate/enable manual handling is allowed.
  • Ticket holders are allowed to use chainsaws (2 chainsaws max per ticket holder).
  • Chainsaw operators must wear appropriate personal safety equipment including eye and ear protection, gloves, chaps, and boots. Without ALL of these pieces of safety equipment you will not be allowed to cut.
  • Processing of material into stove-length pieces on site is not allowed.

Adverse Weather

  • If staff determines that weather or other adverse conditions affect the ability to access the site, an alternate date will be scheduled.
  • Ticket holders will be alerted by email if a date is postponed.
  • Check the status on the information line at 303-678-6347.


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