Niwot Trails Master Plan

Staff are drafting an amendment to the Niwot Trails Master Plan. Public comments were accepted until September 13.

Plan Amendment

Niwot Trails

Several items have developed in recent years that require an amendment to the master plan.

  • A request from the Niwot Community Association (NCA) to formalize an informal trail from the Dry Creek Loop Trail westerly towards Niwot Road.
  • Formalize an off street route of the Longmont to Boulder (LOBO) Regional Trail through Lefthand Valley Grange Park. Currently the LOBO Regional Trail uses sidewalks through this area and there is an existing informal trail that is heavily used.
  • Overall trail and trailhead priorities and potential funding sources.
  • Updates on the redesign of the Lefthand Valley Grange Trailhead (design, funding and timing), status of Somerset and Niwot Road trail crossings and naming of trails in this area for better way finding.

Public Comment

Public comments were accepted until September 13. Staff will incorporate those comments into the amendment that will be presented to the Parks & Open Space Advisory Committee later this year.

Project Background

As part of the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan, a network of trails was envisioned through the community of Niwot and to connect the communities of Longmont and Boulder. A number of small parcels and trail segments were created as various subdivisions developed.

In 2006, the Niwot Trails Master Plan was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners. This plan provided guidance for completion of the Niwot Trails and LOBO Regional Trail. Since the completion of the plan, the Dry Creek Loop and the LOBO Regional Trails were constructed providing a comprehensive network of trails within Niwot and connecting to surrounding communities.


Parks & Open Space
Brent Wheeler