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Acres of Open Space

Boulder County actively works to conserve natural, cultural and agricultural resources and provide public uses that reflect sound resource management and community values.

Over 100,000 Acres of Protected Land

Boulder County protects land by acquiring land outright ("in fee") or by acquiring conservation easements over private properties that limit development and protect various open space resources. Two parcels are leased from the State Land Board for public use.

Land Type Acres
County Open Space
Land that is publicly owned, leased, or allows access
Protected Private Land
Land that is privately owned but protected under conservation easements
Total 103,147

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Is Open Space Really Open?

Of the 63,562 acres of publicly owned and leased land:

  • 61% (38,427 acres) is open to the public
    • Some of that land has on-trail-only restrictions for agricultural operations (5,169 acres) and closures for sensitive wildlife or vegetation habitat
  • 30% (19,351 acres) is agricultural land that is closed to the public
    • These lands are leased to local farmers and ranchers and are used to promote sustainable agriculture. When you add the 19,498 acres and the 5,169 acres that have on-trail-only restrictions, there are approximately 25,000 acres of open space dedicated to agriculture. Learn more about Agriculture on Open Space.
  • 9% (5,784 acres) is closed for other reasons
    • These areas are closed for public safety, wildlife/vegetation concerns, contract requirements, or because it is still under evaluation for potential public use.


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