Management Plans & Policies

Planning documents outline appropriate uses of open space and guide natural resource management. Updates are done as new research, land acquisitions, or management needs arise.

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Current Planning Projects

Cropland Policy

Commissioners will consider public input on whether to continue or change the current approval for the use of genetically engineered corn and sugarbeets on open space agricultural land.

Prairie Dog Management

Changes are being proposed to the Prairie Dog Habitat Element of the Grassland Management Plan.

South St. Vrain Creek / Hall Meadows Restoration

Planning will soon begin for post-flood restoration along the South St. Vrain Creek and Hall Meadows area.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Draft Policy

A policy that would allow limited use of unmanned aircraft systems for scientific research, operational monitoring, and agricultural uses on open space is being drafted.

Boulder County Comprehensive Plan Open Space Element Update

The Open Space Element of the Comprehensive Plan is currently being updated.

Heil Valley Ranch 2

The planning process to determine the best management strategies for the Heil Valley Ranch 2 property has begun.

Cultural Resources Management Policy

A draft policy is being created by staff.

Grassland & Shrubland Management Policy

The policy will provide comprehensive guidance for the management of grasslands and shrublands on properties owned by Boulder County.

Lower Boulder Creek Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Project

The project is a joint endeavor with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Omaha District to restore an approximately one-mile reach of Lower Boulder Creek located between N 109th Street and Kenosha Road on the county's Alexander Dawson open space property.

Platt Rogers / Reynolds Ranch Management Plan

These properties are located in upper Boulder Canyon and near Magnolia Road. Scoping for this plan will continue in 2015. We continue to work with USFS to develop an approach for trail system and management planning in the Reynolds Ranch area.

Rabbit Mountain Open Space Management Plan

Staff are reviewing the initial public comments and drafting the updated management plan. The draft will be available for public review in 2015.

Regional Mountain Trails

The goal of the Regional Mountain Trails Master Plan is to connect communities and recreation areas in the mountains and foothills to regional trails in the plains. The plan will emphasize linking existing trails and trail systems.

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