St. Vrain Creek Rehabilitation

Updates as of March 26


  • Breach 1 temporary berm
  • Breach 2 temporary berm
  • Breach 7 temporary berm
  • Culverts installed under Hygiene Road
  • 1,543 cubic yards of vegetation taken to the DMS site for composting
  • 1,853 tons (approx. 5,100 cy) of mixed debris taken to the landfill
  • Approx. 5,800 cubic yards of sediment removed from the river and used in breach repairs to date
  • Equivalent of 1,244 dump truck loads of debris

March 26 Presentation

See the St. Vrain River Emergency Response & Repairs slideshow for more details.

Photos of Repair Work

Breach 1 Post Flood Condition Breach 1 Temporary Berm Breach 1 Repairs Breach 1 Repairs Completed Breach 2 Pre-Flood Condition Breach 2 Post-Flood Condition Breach 2 Repairs Completed Culverts Installed under Hygiene Road Debris Removal Woody Debris Removal Woody Debris Removal Woody Debris Removal Woody Debris Removal Woody Debris Removal


Parks and Open Space and our partners have been working diligently over the past six months to assess and mitigate the potential for future flooding along St. Vrain Creek between U.S. 36 and Airport Road due to the impacts of the September flood. As part of this assessment and mitigation, we have had to determine necessary short-term emergency fixes that will help reduce further risks during upcoming spring run-off and summer storms, while also considering potential long-term plans for the creek corridor on county property.

We have worked with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other federal, state, and local agencies to determine the appropriate measures and funding sources for this type of work.

Based on these assessments and consultations, three problematic breaches along St. Vrain Creek that required emergency repairs were identified and repaired. In addition, because of the amount of sediment and other debris that was deposited within the creek channel during the flood event, measures were taken to remove this material from the channel to restore the creek's pre-flood conveyance to the extent possible. A large amount of woody debris was also salvaged from the debris piles for potential use in long-term stream restoration projects.

The emergency work began in late December 2013 and will be completed by March 31, 2014. All emergency repairs are covered under FEMA and will help the creek stay within its pre-flood channel during a typical spring run-off event, thus helping to protect the public and public infrastructure along the creek corridor.

The maps show the approximate locations of the work to be completed.

The emergency work is expected to be completed before March 31, 2014


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Ernst Strenge