Located between the cities of Lafayette and Louisville, the importance of Harney-Lastoka Open Space is great. Preserving the rich rural heritage of these two cities while providing an important physical buffer between them, Harney-Lastoka prevents urban sprawl and promotes cultural awareness.

Your Visit


Harney-Lastoka Trail (Easy) - 1.2 mi 

Picnic Areas



Seasonal during warmer months, near Kerr Community Gardens.


21 parking spaces.

Keep in Mind

  • Hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, and dog walking are permitted.
  • The Kerr Community Gardens opened in May of 2008.  It includes over 40 garden plots of various sizes, a chicken-coop tool shed and an apple orchard.  Growing Gardens is the non-profit organization that manages the community garden.  If you are interested in a garden plot, please visit the Growing Gardens website.

What You May See


A large part of the ecosystem around Harney-Lastoka Open Space hinges upon prairie dogs, which are a source of food for raptors, foxes, coyotes, and other quick carnivores.


As a prairie habitat, expect to see yucca, cacti, and many grasses.

History of Harney-Lastoka

Coal Mining

The property is locally significant in its association with Louisville’s early development as a coal-mining center. The Harney-Lastoka family represented the coal mining industry by working in mines during the winter months, while farming during the growing season.


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