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Boulder County BuildSmart

Boulder County BuildSmart, the county’s residential green building code, requirements affect all new residential construction and additions in unincorporated Boulder County.

The Boulder County BuildSmart Regulations encourage high-performing, sustainable residential development, and redevelopment in the unincorporated areas of Boulder County by promoting development that will: create energy efficient structures that reduce both the production of greenhouse gases from residential buildings and the amount of material sent to landfills, conserve water and other natural resources in the homebuilding process, and insure proper indoor air quality.

Boulder County BuildSmart also furthers the goals and measures outlined in the Colorado Climate Action Plan and the County's Sustainable Energy Plan. The production and efficient use of energy will continue to play a central role in the future of Colorado and the nation as a whole. The development, production, and efficient use of renewable energy will advance the security, economic well-being, and public and environmental health of Colorado, as well as contributing to the energy independence of our nation.

The current Boulder County BuildSmart regulations include both a performance and a prescriptive option for compliance, providing additional flexibility in selection of the most cost-effective design for each project.

Performance Path Option

Construction of conditioned space where compliance is measured using the RESNET system to determine anticipated energy consumption and energy efficiency, (HERS Rating System). A RESNET model prepared by a Certified Energy Rater must be provided with the building permit application showing compliance with the required HERS Index rating.

Prescriptive Path Option

Construction of conditioned space where compliance is achieved by applying minimum standards to the dwellings thermal envelope, fenestration, lighting, and air leakage.

More information for compliance is available in the Boulder County BuildSmart Users Guide,  Boulder County BuildSmart Prescriptive Path Option Excerpts and other Boulder County BuildSmart publications.

Zero Net Energy

Zero Net Energy is currently required for new homes above 6,000 square feet of conditioned floor area.

Boulder County BuildSmart Training Calendar

For trainings, workshops, and seminars Boulder County BuildSmart, check the Boulder County BuildSmart Training Calendar for trainings, workshops, and seminars designed to provide Contractors and Homeowners with the knowledge and experience to meet the requirements of the Boulder County BuildSmart regulations and to build superior dwellings.

Construction & Demolition Recycling Resources

See Construction & Demolition Recycling Resources for information on how to successfully reuse and recycle deconstruction materials.


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