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SPRW-12-0011HARVEL Addition

Location:821 Hummer Drive
Project Description:Request to waive Site Plan Review to deconstruct 244 sq.ft. of an existing 631 sq.ft. residence and build an addition of 891 sq.ft. as well as a non-RFA 199 sq.ft. carport. Combined with existing 180 sq.ft. studio, 120 sq.ft. cabin, 48 sq.ft. gazebo, 64 sq.ft shed, and 24 sq.ft. shed, the total proposed RFA of this project would be 1,714.
Staff Planner:David Besley
Application Date:Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Director's Determination:
This application is currently under review.
Determination Date:
Site Plan Review Waiver Documentation:
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