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LU-12-0019/SPR-12-0096PEDERSEN Residence

Location:11546 Eagle Springs trail
Project Description:Combined applications including Limited Impact Special Use Review for earthwork in excess of 500 cubic yards (3,956 CY) associated with the construction of a driveway and other on site earthwork and a Site Plan Review to construct a 8,780 sq. ft. residence ( 2,508 sq. ft. basement, 4,075sq. ft. 1st floor, 1,545 sq. ft. second floor, and 652 sq. ft. attached garage, with 293 sq. ft. of covered deck), a 1,072 sq. ft. studio (654 sq. ft. 1st floor, 418 sq. ft. attached garage with 152 sq. ft. of covered deck), a 648 sq ft. exercise space (648 sq. ft. first floor with 60 sq. ft. of covered deck), and 245 sq. ft. gazebo.
Application Date:Monday, December 17, 2012
Staff Planner:David Besley
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Board of County Commissioners Action:
Limited Impact Special Use Review Documentation:
Public Hearing Parking Information:Downtown Boulder parking information
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