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Development Applications Under Review

The planning or development review processes through the Land Use Department are necessary to achieve a number of goals, including ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens while at the same time protecting the rights of property owners. Learn more about Planning Processes.

Included in the list below are Development Applications currently active or recently reviewed in unincorporated Boulder County. To view a specific Development Application, first determine the type of application. If you received a notification postcard in the mail, the application type is indicated by the letters in the docket number. For example, SPR-12-1234 is a Site Plan Review (SPR) application. Click on the "+" symbol to expand the applications list, then click on the "+" symbol next to the year. You will then see the list of all applications for that year, and you can then click on the application you are looking for.

To comment on a Development Application Under Review, email the Land Use Department and include the docket number. For assistance in finding a specific development application, call 303-441-3930.

expand (AP) Appeal Application
          AP-15-0004 LIM Appeal
          AP-14-0008 SMART Appeal
          AP-13-0001 LAWSON Appeal
          AP-11-0003 SWINBERG Building Lot Determination Appeal (Tabled Indefinitely)
          AP-11-0001 RICHARDS Appeal
expand (DPR) Development Plan Review (DPR) Applications
          DPR-12-0001 GOLD HILL MINERALS
          DPR-11-0002 QUINBY MD12-69HN
expand (EP) Exemption Plat Review Applications
          EP-17-0002 Hair Exemption Plat Request
          EP-16-0006/SPR-16-0130 Horst Estate NUPUD Replat A and Site Plan Review
          EP-16-0004 Cold Spring Subdivision Replat C Lot Consolidation
          EP-15-0008 JORGENSEN NUPUD Replat A
          EP-15-0006 PARAGON ESTATES Replat F
          EP-15-0003/LU-15-0008 KIRKMEYER NUPUD Replat A and PASTURES OF PLENTY Farm Events
          EP-15-0001 BYRNE FAMILY FARM NUPUD Replat A
          EP-14-0001 BONANZA MOUNTAIN ESTATES Replat B
          EP-13-0007 KUHLMANN HEIGHTS 3 Replat C (Tabled Indefinitely)
          EP-13-0004 CRESTVIEW ESTATES Addition Replat D
          EP-13-0002 / SPR-13-0010 BRIGADOON GLEN Replat B and Ioppolo Residence and Detached Garage
          EP-12-0002 FOXHAVEN PUD Replat A (Quigley)
          EP-11-0006 TALL TIMBERS 2 REPLAT C (Hansen)
          EP-11-0004 SPICER'S HEIGHTS NUPUD Replat A
          EP-11-0001 Quiet Retreat NUPUD Replat B
          EP-10-0003 PARK LAKE 2 Replat
expand (HP) Historic Landmark Review Applications
          HP-17-0001 Salina Store
          HP-16-0004 Switzerland Trail on Arapaho Ranch
          HP-16-0001 Sawdey Farm
          HP-15-0006 Wagon Wheel Lodge
          HP-15-0004 Ryssby School
          HP-15-0002 Hansen Cabin
          HP-14-0007 Hockaday~Giggey~Reynolds Cabin
          HP-14-0005 Pleasant View Ridge School
          HP-14-0003 Salina House No. 25
          HP-14-0001 Henry "Dutch" Waneka Farm
          HP-13-0007 Upper Castle Rock Bridge
          HP-13-0005 De Lande Ranch
          HP-13-0003 Johnson Farm (also now known as Pachamama Farm)
          HP-13-0001 Spier/Wilson House
          HP-12-0004 Altona School
          HP-12-0002 Sinn's Western Trail
          HP-11-0004 Boyd/Brown Houses
          HP-11-0002 Crowley Lode Cabin
          HP-10-0005 Hock Farm
          HP-10-0003 Gooding School
          HP-10-0001 Hornbaker Residence
expand (LE) Location and Extent Applications
          LE-13-0001 Allenspark Fire Protection District
          LE-12-0001 Rocky Mountain Fire Protection District Station No. 6
expand (LU) Limited Impact Special Use Review Applications
          LU-17-0005 Sunflower Farm
          LU-17-0003/SPR-17-0015 TREVES GROSZ Residence and Driveway
          LU-17-0001/SPR-17-0008 75th Investment Group, LLC Warehouse and Greenhouses
          LU-16-0042/SPR-16-0138 PYROLA Residence and Driveway
          LU-16-0040 Camp Saint Malo Earthwork
          LU-16-0038 Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group - Stream Restoration N63rd St, N73rd St, and N81st St.
          LU-16-0036 Fourmile Watershed Coalition - Fourmile Canyon Logan Mill Restoration
          LU-16-0034 BoCo - Upper Fourmile Stream Restoration
          LU-16-0032/SPR-16-0127 FRIEDMAN Residence and Driveway
          LU-16-0030 Boulder County (Fourmile Canyon Creek Restoration)
          LU-16-0028 Boulder County Parks and Open Space (Left Hand Creek Restoration at Bielins Hock)
          LU-16-0026 City of Boulder - Boulder Creek Restoration at Hedgecock Bridge
          LU-16-0024 LWOG - Stream restoration N41st Haystack
          LU-16-0022 City of Boulder Andrus Rd to Airport Rd Multi-Use Path
          LU-16-0020 City of Longmont- N St Vrain Creek Restoration Phase 2
          LU-16-0018 Boulder Creek Breach-Boulder County POS
          LU-16-0016/SPR-16-0093 BEGLEY Residence & Driveway
          LU-16-0014/SPR-16-0073 GOULD residence & driveway
          LU-16-0012 Frog Belly Farm LLC LU/SE/SPR
          LU-16-0010 Shutze Historic Accessory Dwelling Unit
          LU-16-0008 15690 N 83RD ST, LLC Flood-Related Earthwork
          LU-16-0006/SPR-16-0032 STUTSON residence & driveway
          LU-16-0004/SPR-16-0028 VAN DER MERSCH Earthwork and Residence
          LU-16-0002 DAVERT BURNES Agricultural Dwelling Unit
          LU-15-0029 PARRISH RANCH CONSERVATION PARTNERSHIP Property Restoration
          LU-15-0027 SPENCE Property Restoration
          LU-15-0025 BOULDER COUNTY Walden Ponds Restoration
          LU-15-0023 BOULDER COUNTY Pella Ponds Restoration
          LU-15-0021 JONES Radio Antenna Tower
          LU-15-0019/SPR-15-0104 WARD-KARET Earthwork, Residence, Art Studio, and Music Studio
          LU-15-0017 / SPR-15-0028 POWERS Earthwork and Residence
          LU-15-0015 Town of Superior - Improvements to Coal Creek Upstream of McCaslin Boulevard
          LU-15-0013 ENCINIAS Fireworks Stand
          LU-15-0011 Girl Scouts of Colorado Modifications to an Existing Camp
          LU-15-0009 CITY OF LOUISVILLE Raw Water Intake Reconstruction
          LU-15-0006/SPR-15-0027 CORRUCCINI Grading, Historic ADU, and Residence LU-SPR
          LU-15-0003/SPR-15-0014 ROTH Residence and Driveway
          LU-15-0001 SCHWARTZENBERGER Barn and Loafing Sheds
          LU-14-0021 CITY OF LONGMONT South St. Vrain Pipeline Repair
          LU-14-0019 GOLDEN FARM LTD Grading
          LU-14-0017 BOULDER COUNTY Grading
          LU-14-0015 ALTONA GRANGE Adaptive Reuse of a Historic Landmark
          LU-14-0013 / SPR-14-0065 NORRIS/KEMPKES Grading and Residence
          LU-14-0011 / SPR-14-0091 WOLKOWISKY Family Care Unit and SPR
          LU-14-0009 BENDELE Loafing Sheds (See SU-14-0005)
          LU-14-0007 BOTTERILL/HOUCK Agricultural Accessory Dwelling Unit
          LU-14-0004 KLEKAMP Grading
          LU-14-0002 / SPR-14-0013 KOVACH/DAVIDSON Residence and Detached Garage
          SU-96-01 Vineyard Christian Fellowship
          LU-13-0003 PACHAMAMA ORGANIC FARM Accessory Historic Dwelling Unit
          LU-12-0019/SPR-12-0096 PEDERSEN Residence
          LU-12-0017 / SPR-12-0084 FEUER & PORFIDO Residence
          LU-12-0015 Clean Energy Collective Solar Garden
          LU-12-0012 JOHNSON Historic Accessory Dwelling Unit
          LU-12-0010 POWERS Family Care Unit
          LU-12-0005 BOTTERILL/HOUCK Agricultural Accessory Dwelling Unit and Earthwork
          LU-12-0003 CONDON Farm Stand
          LU-12-0001 LANE GUEST RANCH
          LU-11-0013 HONEYMOON HOUSE LU/SPR/HP
          LU-11-0011 CITY OF BOULDER Kossler Dam and Reservoir Maintenance
          LU-11-0009 LAINSON Demonstration Farm and Agricultural Dwelling Unit
          LU-11-0007 CITY OF BOULDER South Boulder Creek Habitat Restoration
          LU-11-0003 Uses of Community Significance at the Greenbriar Inn
          LU-10-0012 Rocky Mountain Fire Protection District Fire Barn
          LU-10-0010 / SPR-99-126 COLORADO HORSE RESCUE
          LU-09-002 PARKER Demonstration Farm (Annual Review)
expand (LUW) Limited Impact Special Use Review Waiver Applications
          LUW-16-0001 LEFTHAND FPD Community Cistern
          LUW-15-0001 Ahrens Short Term Dwelling
          LUW-13-0001 LANE Short Term Dwelling Rental
          LUW-12-0001/SPRW-13-0015 PARADISE Short-term Dwelling Rental and Barn
expand (SD) Subdivision Review Applications
expand (SE) Subdivision Exemption Review Applications
          SE-17-0003 Von Eschen Lot Split
          SE-17-0001 Wood
          SE-16-0019 Ryan Rosenblatt Community Lot Split
          SE-16-0016 Zeimet Lot Line Adjustment
          SE-16-0013 Donovan Subdivision Exemption
          SE-16-0010 Spence Lot Recognition
          SE-16-0008 TONE Parcel Combination
          SE-16-0005 SWEEN Boundary Line Adjustment and Townsite Lot Recognition
          SE-16-0003 YOUNG Lot Recognition (WITHDRAWN)
          SE-16-0001 LIBERTONE Boundary Line Adjustment
          SE-15-0009 LIVINGSTON Lot Recognition WITHDRAWN
          SE-15-0007/SPR-15-120 STONE/CHIPY-ADAMCZYK Boundary Line Adjustment and Residence
          SE-15-0004 Cole L & P Trust Boundary Line Adjustment
          SE-15-0002 BATES-HOOD Subdivision Exemption-Boundary Line Adjustment
          SE-14-0018 Nuzum Young Starkis Kadoun Lot Recognition
          SE-14-0016 / SPR-14-0110 SKOKAN Lot Recognition and Greenhouses
          SE-14-0014 Wood Boundary Line Adjustment
          SE-14-0009 PLATTEN / SCHECHTER Boundary Line Adjustment
          SE-14-0007 COAPLAND Lot Recognition
          SE-14-0005 STEWART Lot Recognition
          SE-14-0003 FOSKETT Boundary Line Adjustment
          SE-14-0001 BRANDAU Boundary Line Adjustment
          SE-13-0006 CALVIN & RICHEY/ SANDERS Boundary Line Adjustment
          SE-13-0002 City of Boulder/Mueller/Red Lion Inn Boundary Line Adjustment
          SE-12-0012/SPR-12-0086 MYERS Lot Recognition and Residence SE/SPR
          SE-12-0010 KLADSTRUP MUSHOVIC Boundary Line Adjustment
          SE-12-0008 KUNER / BATTANY Boundary Line Adjustment WITHDRAWN
          SE-12-0006 / SPR-12-0019 ASCARRUNZ-DELGADO Addition and Lot Recognition
          SE-12-0003 Rocky Mountain Fire Protection District SE/CFLS
          SE-12-0001 SHIRES Lot Recognition
          SE-11-0014 SWINBURG Lot Recognition
          SE-11-0011 BONERTZ Boundary Line Adjustment
          SE-11-0008 BROWN Subdivision Exemption
          SE-11-0005 HERBRUCK PROPERTIES LLC Boundary Line Adjustment
          SE-11-0003 HOYL Lot Recognition and BLA
          SE-11-0001 BUSH SE
expand (SI) Areas and Activities of State Interest (1041) Review Applications
          SI-13-0001 XCEL ENERGY Boulder County West Main and Louisville West Main Natural Gas Pipeline Replacement
          SI-11-0001 Southern Water Supply Pipeline II
expand (SPR) Site Plan Review Applications
          SPR-17-0031 Akins Residence
          SPR-17-0029 CORSON Residence and Barn-Garden Shed
          SPR-17-0027 FOLLARI Residence
          SPR-17-0025 DECK Addition and Barn
          SPR-17-0023 McElroy agricultural barn conversion to residential floor area
          SPR-17-0020 Hutchings-Neiger
          SPR-17-0018 Morter & Begemann Residence
          SPR-17-0016 Hoyl Residence
          SPR-17-0013 CONVERSE ALTERMAN Addition
          SPR-17-0011 Ryan Residence and Agricultural Structure
          SPR-17-0009 BAXT FAMILY TRUST Residence
          SPR-17-0006 VAN SAMBEEK Residence Site Plan Review
          SPR-17-0004 Slater Covered Porch
          SPR-17-0002 MOULTON Addition
          SPR-16-0146 Sunshine Extracts
          SPR-16-0144 GEORGE Barn and Shed
          SPR-16-0142 LOCH Residence, Barn, and Shed
          SPR-16-0140 SCOTT Addition and Workshop
          SPR-16-0137 FERGUSON Residence
          SPR-16-0135 Held
          SPR-16-0133 Harrod and Powers Residence
          SPR-16-0131 Verizon Telecom Facility
          SPR-16-0128 HOWSON Accessory Structure
          SPR-16-0125 MORROW Residence and Barn
          SPR-16-0123 Phillips Residence
          SPR-16-0121 Esson Residence
          SPR-16-0119 JENKINS Residential Addition and Barn
          SPR-16-0117 DEWOINA Detached Garage
          SPR-16-0114 XCEL ENERGY Natural Gas Regulator Station
          SPR-16-0110 HAYES Residence
          SPR-16-0108 POSTLE Mixed Use Development
          SPR-16-0106 LAZIO Residence
          SPR-16-0104 WEIBEL Barn
          SPR-16-0102 LEWIS Residence
          SPR-16-0100 Residence and Detached Accessory Structure
          SPR-16-0097 BARNETT Addition, Barn, and Greenhouse
          SPR-16-0091 LAM Residence
          SPR-16-0089 TEBO Residence and Barn
          SPR-16-0087 ANDERSON Residence
          SPR-16-0085 SYDOW Residence
          SPR-16-0082 COVER Addition
          SPR-16-0080 NORTON HELLMAN Residence
          SPR-16-0078 Fayfield Residence
          SPR-16-0076 VAUGHN addition and solar array
          SPR-16-0074 STAHLY Addition
          SPR-16-0070 DIERKS Detached Garage
          SPR-16-0068 BLUE STAR CONSTRUCTION Residence
          SPR-16-0066 BIRLEM Residence
          SPR-16-0063 ROONEY Residence and Barn
          SPR-16-0061 RAMIG Addition
          SPR-16-0059 HEMBURY residence
          SPR-16-0057 Harber Residence
          SPR-16-0055 rFarm2 LLC Barn and hoop houses
          SPR-16-0052 DE LANGE Residence
          SPR-16-0050 FRANK addition & detached garage
          SPR-16-0048 BATTAN Residence
          SPR-16-0046 MILLER Residence
          SPR-16-0044 BETHUREM addition
          SPR-16-0042 KRAMER addition, loafing shed, and windmill
          SPR-16-0040 DAVIS & TAWSE Accessory Structures
          SPR-16-0038 GORDON Residence
          SPR-16-0036 JOHNSEN residence
          SPR-16-0033 GLENNIE Detached Garage
          SPR-16-0030 HOCKER Residence
          SPR-16-0027 VILLANI Residence
          SPR-16-0025 O'ROURKE Residence
          SPR-16-0023 ALDERMAN Residence
          SPR-16-0021 Katzen Residence
          SPR-16-0019 HALL Garage
          SPR-16-0016 SHAW/CLARK Addition
          SPR-16-0014 SEQUOIA CONE TRUST residence
          SPR-16-0012 GRAHAM as-built agricultural structures
          SPR-16-0010 ANDRE Barn
          SPR-16-0008 QUINTERO Addition
          SPR-16-0006 WEBER Residence
          SPR-16-0004 MILLER residence
          SPR-16-0002 FINER Observatory & Barn
          SPR-15-0145 MCCARTY Residence
          SPR-15-0142 FICKETT Addition
          SPR-15-0140 MOODY Addition and Barn
          SPR-15-0138 KITELEY Addition & Garage
          SPR-15-0136 PETERS Addition
          SPR-15-0134 OLSON Sunroom, detached garage, pool, equipment shed, and pool house
          SPR-15-0132 DEIS Residence (As-Built)
          SPR-15-0130 ROCKY MOUNTAIN GREEN INC Marijuana Establishment
          SPR-15-0127 DODGE Residence and Greenhouse
          SPR-15-0125 SCHINDLER Residence
          SPR-15-0123 McDONALD Residence and Accessory Structure
          SPR-15-0121 NORDIC Agricultural Structures
          SPR-15-0119 GILLATT Residence, Garage, and Barn
          SPR-15-0116 ALEXANDER Addition
          SPR-15-0113 AHERN SPR Amendment
          SPR-15-0110 VERBEKE Carport
          SPR-15-0108 WEISS Residence
          SPR-15-0106 FOX JOHNSON Addition
          SPR-15-0103 CORRUCCINI Residence
          SPR-15-0101 HOFFMAN Residential Addition Garage and Agricultural Structures
          SPR-15-0099 LILJA Garage
          SPR-15-0097 SCHUETZ Residence
          SPR-15-0095 WEEK Workshop
          SPR-15-0093 BILSTEIN Addition
          SPR-15-0091 ALBERTSON & SCHUELER Residence
          SPR-15-0089 ECKHARDT Residence
          SPR-15-0087 BROWN Pool Mechanical Building
          SPR-15-0085 WIEBE Studio, Pool, Trellis & Solar Array
          SPR-15-0083 HIRSCHFELD Residence
          SPR-15-0081 RICE Addition
          SPR-15-0079 WINTERS YOUNG Addition
          SPR-15-0077 HUNDMAN Addition
          SPR-15-0075 LANNAN Residence
          SPR-15-0073 BAUER Residence
          SPR-15-0071 FETTERS Residence
          SPR-15-0069 LANE SHAUB Residence
          SPR-15-0067 QUEEN Addition
          SPR-15-0065 BERG Barn
          SPR-15-0063 PICOTTE Residence
          SPR-15-0061 CETRULO Floodplain Development Permit
          SPR-15-0059 XCEL ENERGY Boring
          SPR-15-0057 AHERN Residence
          SPR-15-0054 LANGLOIS Addition & Garage
          SPR-15-0052 GIBSON Garage
          SPR-15-0050 MCGUFFEE Cabin
          SPR-15-0048 BURNES DAVERT Residence & agricultural structures
          SPR-15-0046 NASSAR Residence & Accessory Structure
          SPR-15-0044 TREADWELL-DUFON Residence
          SPR-15-0042 HOLBEL Residence & Barn
          SPR-15-0040 RICHARDS Residence
          SPR-15-0038 GG3 LLC Change of Use
          SPR-15-0035 Kammerer Residence and Agricultural Structures
          SPR-15-0033 COLOROSO Addition
          SPR-15-0031 ROCK OF PANAMA CITY INC Church
          SPR-15-0029 UDICK Residence
          SPR-15-0026 SOPER Addition
          SPR-15-0024 STAREK-EPAKA Holdings Residential Addition
          SPR-15-0022 7600 PLATEAU LLC Residence & barn
          SPR-15-0020 THL LLC Residence, 2 Barns, and Greenhouse
          SPR-15-0018 McAndrew Residence
          SPR-15-0016 JU-JU BELLE FIELDS LLC Barn
          SPR-15-0013 KATES-KOHL Residence
          SPR-15-0011 RELIS Residence
          SPR-15-0009 KREITMAN Agricultural Structures
          SPR-15-0007 GREENE Barn
          SPR-15-0005 CASDEN Studio Addition
          SPR-15-0003 T-MOBILE Telecommunication Facility Upgrade
          SPR-14-0113 T-MOBILE Telecomm Replacement
          SPR-14-0109 NAZEMI-HEIDBERG Cabana, detached garage, greenhouse, and therapy pool.
          SPR-14-0107 JONES Studio/Shed
          SPR-14-0105 Newton Addition
          SPR-14-0102 BUFFINGTON Residence
          SPR-14-0100 HILL / PLATT Residence
          SPR-14-0098 MONNET Deck
          SPR-14-0096 ROOD Residence
          SPR-14-0094 COOK Residence
          SPR-14-0091 WOLKOWISKY Family Care Unit and SPR (See LU-14-0011)
          SPR-14-0089 1225 PROSPECT LLC Residence
          SPR-14-0087 HURST Residence
          SPR-14-0085 VERBECK Residential Addition
          SPR-14-0083 HOLBROOK Addition
          SPR-14-0081 LOPEZ Agricultural Structures (as-built)
          SPR-14-0079 DERTHICK Garage
          SPR-14-0077 RETZLOFF Residence
          SPR-14-0075 CAMPBELL Addition
          SPR-14-0073 MILLER Barn
          SPR-14-0071 BILSTEIN Addition
          SPR-14-0069 BOHLE Addition
          SPR-14-0067 KRAMER/JAHN Addition
          SPR-14-0065 NORRIS/KEMPKES Grading and Residence (See LU-14-0013)
          SPR-14-0063 VAN SICKLE Garage and Sunroom
          SPR-14-0061 SEPUCHA Addition
          SPR-14-0059 MCGINN Residence
          SPR-14-0057 LAWSON Detached Garage and Chicken Coop
          SPR-14-0055 CRAWFORD Hoophouse
          SPR-14-0053 MESSINGER Addition
          SPR-14-0051 I.A. LOKIN Ground-Mounted Solar Array and Battery Shed
          SPR-14-0049 ALLEN Residence
          SPR-14-0047 ROSEBUD Change of Use/Greenhouse
          SPR-14-0045 AUGUST Addition
          SPR-14-0043 VILLAVICENCIO Residence
          SPR-14-0041 AVALOS Residence
          SPR-14-0039 KEETER Boat House
          SPR-14-0037 GAYNOR LAKE FARM LLC Hoophouse
          SPR-14-0035 HARTIGAN Residence and Barn
          SPR-14-0033 PANTERA PROPERTIES Warehouse and Greenhouses
          SPR-14-0030 FOLWELL Addition
          SPR-14-0028 MOOSBRUGGER Addition
          SPR-14-0026 MUNSON Grading, Historic ADU, and Residence and Barn LU/SPR (See LU-14-0005)
          SPR-14-0024 DODGE Residence
          SPR-14-0022 KLEKAMP Grading (See LU-14-0004)
          SPR-14-0020 YOKSAS Sunroom
          SPR-14-0018 MURCIN Residence
          SPR-14-0016 KOERNER Addition
          SPR-14-0014 SMITH Residence (See LU-14-0003)
          SPR-14-0012 BLESSING Residence
          SPR-14-0009 BASSMAN Residence
          SPR-14-0007 BOULDER COUNTY Restroom Facilities
          SPR-14-0005 CASDEN Additions
          SPR-14-0003 STAHL Residence
          SPR-14-0001 PELZ Change of Use
          SPR-13-0082 CURTIS Residence
          SPR-13-0080 JACOBSEN Addition
          SPR-13-0078 CARLINE Additions
          SPR-13-0075 GALLAGHER Residential Addition
          SPR-13-0073 LIPSON/RAPINZ Addition
          SPR-13-0071 ARMSTRONG Detached Garage
          SPR-13-0069 VAN MATRE Addition
          SPR-13-0067 HANKE Residential Addition
          SPR-13-0065 CITY OF BOULDER Valmont Trail and Bridge
          SPR-13-0063 BAKER Residence
          SPR-13-0061 HOLDER Residence
          SPR-13-0059 POWERS Greenhouse
          SPR-13-0056 MARTIN Addition
          SPR-13-0054 YOUNG Addition
          SPR-13-0052 SMITH/CHAMBERS Residence
          SPR-13-0049 FISHER Garage
          SPR-13-0047 ERGUN Residence
          SPR-13-0045 WALDMAN Addition
          SPR-13-0043 GROW Addition
          SPR-13-0041 COONCE Addition
          SPR-13-0039 EQUITY TRUST COMPANY Residence and Bridge
          SPR-13-0037 PHELAN/ SMITH Residence
          SPR-13-0035 TONAHILL Addition
          SPR-13-0033 DAVIDSON/HATHAWAY Addition
          SPR-13-0031 TERPENNING Residence
          SPR-13-0029 KYSER Addition
          SPR-13-0027 NICCORE Residence
          SPR-13-0025 SANDERS Residence
          SPR-13-0023 WOOD Residence
          SPR-13-0021 JESPERSEN Addition
          SPR-13-0019 DANNENBERG Addition
          SPR-13-0017 VALIN-KOVAL Residence
          SPR-13-0015 LOPEZ Addition
          SPR-13-0013 IDLE ACRE LAND CO. Residence
          SPR-13-0011 KOMHYR Addition
          SPR-13-0008 LUDEMANN Addition and Detached Garage
          SPR-13-0005 RAYNOLDS Greenhouse
          SPR-13-0003 STELLING Studio
          SPR-13-0001 FOSTER Detached Garage
          SPR-12-0098 ALEXANDER Outbuilding
          SPR-12-0095 KAUS Addition
          SPR-12-0092 THORNTON/ERION Residence
          SPR-12-0089 EUBANKS Five Greenhouses and Ground-mounted Solar Array
          SPR-12-0087 EVANS Residence
          SPR-12-0085 BRADY Residence
          SPR-12-0082 BYNUM Barn
          SPR-12-0080 DOOLITTLE Shed
          SPR-12-0078 WESEMAN Residence
          SPR-12-0076 SIMMONS Addition
          SPR-12-0073 PERRY Residence
          SPR-12-0071 BOULDER COUNTY Shed
          SPR-12-0069 T-MOBILE Telecom Facility Upgrades WITHDRAWN
          SPR-12-0067 SHANIDIIN Residence and Agricultural Structures
          SPR-12-0065 T-MOBILE Telecom Facility Upgrades
          SPR-12-0063 CHASE Residence
          SPR-12-0061 JOHNSON Detached Garage/Studio
          SPR-12-0059 NERSHI Addition
          SPR-12-0056 HERTZ/WALDMAN Addition
          SPR-12-0054 ZOLLER Addition
          SPR-12-0052 TURNER Barn
          SPR-12-0050 CARLEY Addition
          SPR-12-0048 TODD Addition
          SPR-12-0046 HIGHAM Residence and Barn
          SPR-12-0044 DEPOORTER Detached Garage and Workshop
          SPR-12-0042 LOUKONEN Barn
          SPR-12-0040 T MOBILE Telecom Upgrade
          SPR-12-0037 SCHULTHEIS Addition
          SPR-12-0035 JONES-GRUBB Addition
          SPR-12-0033 CITY OF BOULDER Boulder Creek Grading
          SPR-12-0031 HEIN Residence and Detached Garage
          SPR-12-0029 ZURN/NELSON Addition
          SPR-12-0027 YAPHE Detached Garage
          SPR-12-0025 SHAPIRO Addition & Detached Studio
          SPR-12-0023 KOHN Addition
          SPR-12-0021 AT&T MOBILITY Cellular Antennas
          SPR-12-0019 ASCARRUNZ-DELGADO Addition and Lot Recognition
          SPR-12-0017 ADAMS Addition and Detached Workshop
          SPR-12-0015 PAUL Keeping of Non-domestic Animals and Shed Addition
          SPR-12-0013 I.A. LOKIN Residence and Barn
          SPR-12-0011 ROSS Residence
          SPR-12-0009 CALHOUN Residence
          SPR-12-0007 QUESENBERY Addition
          SPR-12-0005 KURELJA Residence
          SPR-12-0003 BURNS Barn
          SPR-12-0001 LOUKONEN Ag. Shed
          SPR-11-0100 GEBHARDT Residence
          SPR-11-0098 SHERRY Residence
          SPR-11-0096 SCHILLING Residence
          SPR-11-0094 JONES Addition and Detached Garage
          SPR-11-0092 HAYES Addition
          SPR-11-0089 SLEPPY Residence
          SPR-11-0087 AT&T Antenna Upgrades
          SPR-11-0085 RUSTON New Residence and Studio
          SPR-11-0083 COODY Barn
          SPR-11-0081 POLIZZI addition and attached garage
          SPR-11-0079 FLAGSTAFF Residence
          SPR-11-0077 BERTAGNOLLI Residence and Barn
          SPR-11-0075 ZUPKO/LANE Addition
          SPR-11-0073 GATELY/HUBBARD Addition
          SPR-11-0071 LL FARMS Indoor Riding Arena and Barn
          SPR-11-0069 PONESSE Addition/Detached Garage/Barn
          SPR-11-0067 NOWICKI Detached Garage
          SPR-11-0065 HOLMBERG Barn
          SPR-11-0063 LENERTZ Cellular Cupola and Storage Building
          SPR-11-0061 LOUKONEN Residence and Ag Building
          SPR-11-0059 GREEN Residence (Lot 2 Block 1) ON HOLD
          SPR-11-0057 RACCUGLIA Residence
          SPR-11-0055 NYGREN Addition
          SPR-11-0052 SINKEY Residence
          SPR-11-0050 HOUHA Carport
          SPR-11-0048 MCLAUGHLIN / REICHARD Residence & Detached Garage
          SPR-11-0046 NASSAR Additions
          SPR-11-0044 LINDER Residence and Detached Garage
          SPR-11-0042 FRY Residence
          SPR-11-0040 CAPDEVIELLE Addition and Accessory Building
          SPR-11-0038 HERING-ENARSON Residence and Detached Garage
          SPR-11-0036 LEMOINE Detached Garage
          SPR-11-0034 MACDONALD Addition
          SPR-11-0031 VILLAVICENCIO Residence
          SPR-11-0029 TURUNJIAN Attached Garage
          SPR-11-0027 DINEEN Residence
          SPR-11-0025 RAYNOLDS Pole Barn ON HOLD
          SPR-11-0023 BRADLEY Residence ON HOLD
          SPR-11-0021 WILLIAMS Addition WITHDRAWN
          SPR-11-0018 ABRAHAM Addition
          SPR-11-0016 DONOHOE Residence
          SPR-11-0014 TARR Detached Garage
          SPR-11-0012 SHERMAN Addition
          SPR-11-0010 CORWIN-QUITTER Addition
          SPR-11-0008 LONGSETH Barn
          SPR-11-0006 STOCKER As-Built Addition and Sheds
          SPR-11-0004 JAY ROAD FAMILY FARM Residence and Agricultural Buildings
          SPR-11-0002 EPAKA Deck
          SPR-10-0085 MYERS residence
          SPR-10-0082 BENTZ Residence & Detached Garage
          SPR-10-0080 AHERN Addition
          SPR-10-0078 CHICOINE-FLEAGLE residence
          SPR-10-0075 Turunjian Addition/Detached Garage
          SPR-10-0072 Schomaker Barn
          SPR-10-0070 LEFEVER Accessory Structures
          SPR-10-0062 Hume Addition and Detached Garage
          SPR-10-0049 EPPEL Addition
          SPR-09-002 DUMLER Detached Garage/shop & Chicken Coop
          SPR-07-028 Von Eschen Residence
expand (SPRW) Site Plan Review Waiver Applications
          SPRW-17-0020 Kallgren
          SPRW-17-0018 MOORE Detached Garage
          SPRW-17-0016 Mallon-Rew Addition
          SPRW-17-0013 Kalainoff Solar Array
          SPRW-17-0011 Leuchten Residential Addition
          SPRW-17-0007 Stoller Barn and Loafing Sheds
          SPRW-17-0005 Roettiger
          SPRW-17-0003 Sawicki Barn
          SPRW-17-0001 Starek Ag Structures
          SPRW-16-0081 Templeton Loafing Shed
          SPRW-16-0078 THL 3 LLC - Solar Array
          SPRW-16-0075 BERLIN Barn
          SPRW-16-0073 SHERWIN Addition and Storage_Shop
          SPRW-16-0071 Domich
          SPRW-16-0069 LAMB Barn
          SPRW-16-0067 Doyle
          SPRW-16-0065 Herber
          SPRW-16-0063 STEUBE Barn
          SPRW-16-0061 Harding
          SPRW-16-0059 BROWN Addition
          SPRW-16-0057 HAMPTON Addition
          SPRW-16-0055 James Addition
          SPRW-16-0053 McKAY Solar Array
          SPRW-16-0051 O'Rourke Solar Array
          SPRW-16-0049 Bedell Addition
          SPRW-16-0047 Denver Water Yurt and Storage Shed
          SPRW-16-0044 GIGLIO ADDITION
          SPRW-16-0042 Davis and Ramey Solar Array
          SPRW-16-0040 Calderon Solar Array
          SPRW-16-0038 Mitchell Accessory Structure
          SPRW-16-0036 Perry Solar Array
          SPRW-16-0034 Greenspan Solar Array
          SPRW-16-0032 Perletz Solar Array
          SPRW-16-0030 Milne Addition and Grading
          SPRW-16-0028 Kries Loafing Sheds
          SPRW-16-0025 Freudenburg Barn
          SPRW-16-0023 RAPOSO Detached Garage_Studio
          SPRW-16-0019 Litoff
          SPRW-16-0017 Singh Solar Array
          SPRW-16-0015 COONCE addition
          SPRW-16-0012 HICKEY BARN
          SPRW-16-0008 Frederick Barn
          SPRW-16-0006 KARBASSI detached garage
          SPRW-16-0004 DeBacker Barn
          SPRW-16-0002 NICHOLAS Addition
          SPRW-15-0062 CC SUNRISE RIDGE I & II, LLC Grading
          SPRW-15-0060 SHANTI OM LLC Greenhouse
          SPRW-15-0057 ISREALSON addition
          SPRW-15-0055 SHANIDIIN LLC Ground Mounted Solar Array
          SPRW-15-0053 CITY OF BOULDER Earthwork
          SPRW-15-0051 DENESHA Barn
          SPRW-15-0049 McKENNA SHOEBRIDGE Shed
          SPRW-15-0047 Beeman & Guren Grading
          SPRW-15-0045 NASH Addition and detached garage
          SPRW-15-0042 BAKER Barn
          SPRW-15-0040 STURKOL detached garage WITHDRAWN
          SPRW-15-0038 BOULDER COUNTY Niwot Children's Park Facilities
          SPRW-15-0036 Beeman & Guren Residential Addition
          SPRW-15-0033 SHELDON Ground Mounted Solar Array
          SPRW-15-0031 SCHMIDTMANN Horse barn
          SPRW-15-0029 RICE Ground Mounted Solar Array
          SPRW-15-0027 SIEFKES Residential Addition
          SPRW-15-0025 JOHNSON Garage Addition
          SPRW-15-0023 HAMMACK Barn
          SPRW-15-0020 RICHARDS- ALMOND Barn
          SPRW-15-0017 RUSKAY Detached Garage
          SPRW-15-0015 SANDER & FERRACANE Barn
          SPRW-15-0013 ANDERSON Ground Mounted Solar Array
          SPRW-15-0011 HARVEY Grading
          SPRW-15-0009 BELL PARK LLC Ground Mounted Solar Array
          SPRW-15-0007 EBY Greenhouse
          SPRW-15-0005 CURTIS/CHATFIELD Residential Addition
          SPRW-15-0003 City of Boulder OSMP Multi-use trail
          SPRW-15-0001 MELICHAR Hay barn
          SPRW-14-0074 CHRISTY-BITTEL Driveway Grading
          SPRW-14-0071 SCOVILLE driveway expansion
          SPRW-14-0069 KNUTSON Addition
          SPRW-14-0067 BOSTLEY Barn
          SPRW-14-0065 WITTER Solar array
          SPRW-14-0063 WEEKS Detached Garage
          SPRW-14-0060 SIVY As-built Barn and Agricultural Shed
          SPRW-14-0058 KARPLUS Solar Array
          SPRW-14-0056 GERHARD/WOLF Pole Barn
          SPRW-14-0052 RICE Barn (as-built)
          SPRW-14-0050 Elliott Residential Addition
          SPRW-14-0047 LOPEZ Solar array
          SPRW-14-0045 BUTLEY Ground Mounted Solar Array
          SPRW-14-0043 SCHOTTLAENDER Detached Garage
          SPRW-14-0041 DAVIES Addition
          SPRW-14-0039 ROBINSON Addition
          SPRW-14-0037 MITCHELL Barn
          SPRW-14-0035 HNATH Addition
          SPRW-14-0032 NEVEU/NEWTON Grading
          SPRW-14-0030 BARSCH Barn
          SPRW-14-0027 GISI Addition and Gazebo
          SPRW-14-0025 JANOWICZ Grading
          SPRW-14-0022 VENTRUELLA Barn
          SPRW-14-0020 SQUIRES Greenhouses
          SPRW-14-0018 SPOTZ Ground-mounted Solar Arrays
          SPRW-14-0016 TYDINGS Detached Garage
          SPRW-14-0014 SCHOLES Detached Garage/Office
          SPRW-14-0012 ANDERSON Addition and Detached Garage
          SPRW-14-0010 BRUCE Solar Array
          SPRW-14-0008 HIGGINS Barn addition
          SPRW-14-0006 EDSON Pole Barn
          SPRW-14-0004 SCOTCH PINE LLC Shade Structure
          SPRW-14-0002 CITY OF BOULDER OSMP Grading
          SPRW-13-0049 KASEMIR Solar Array
          SPRW-13-0047 FARMER Solar Array
          SPRW-13-0045 BECK Barn
          SPRW-13-0043 McCONICA Garage
          SPRW-13-0041 BEETHAM (Ruby Red Farm) Barn
          SPRW-13-0039 STEVENSON Pole Barn WITHDRAWN
          SPRW-13-0037 STEWART Solar Array
          SPRW-13-0035 LAWSON Detached Garage/Studio
          SPRW-13-0033 RALSTON/STACK Barn EXPIRED
          SPRW-13-0031 CITY OF LONGMONT Trail
          SPRW-13-0029 GROSS RESERVIOR Office Addition
          SPRW-13-0027 TUCK Solar Array
          SPRW-13-0025 HESS Solar Array
          SPRW-13-0022 BOULDER COUNTY POS Grading
          SPRW-13-0020 OSGOOD Solar
          SPRW-13-0018 KNAPP Addition
          SPRW-13-0016 TAWA/DESAI Solar
          SPRW-13-0013 RAMBERG Detached Garage/Workshop
          SPRW-13-0011 BRAND Shed
          SPRW-13-0009 EISS Addition
          SPRW-13-0007 SEELINGER Shed
          SPRW-13-0005 BAGWADIA Solar Array
          SPRW-13-0003 STROMQUIST Addition
          SPRW-12-0059 MINKLER Addition
          SPRW-12-0057 BOULDER COUNTY Drainage Mitigation
          SPRW-12-0055 FOZZARD Solar
          SPRW-12-0053 NICAULT Barn
          SPRW-12-0051 TOBIN Wind Turbine
          SPRW-12-0049 BRALY Ground-mounted Solar Array
          SPRW-12-0047 CONNELLY Barn
          SPRW-12-0045 ELOWE Detached Garage
          SPRW-12-0043 JAMPOLIS Remodel
          SPRW-12-0041 VAN WINKLE Barn
          SPRW-12-0039 BROWN As-built Enclosed Porch/Sunroom, Detached Garage and Shed/Detached Garage
          SPRW-12-0034 BERG Barn
          SPRW-12-0032 HACHTEL Addition
          SPRW-12-0030 BOULDER COUNTY POS Grading for Road Realignment
          SPRW-12-0028 STELLING Ground-mounted PV
          SPRW-12-0026 GREGORY Grading
          SPRW-12-0024 SCHLUTZ Barn
          SPRW-12-0022 TURNER Addition
          SPRW-12-0020 HOFFMAN Ground-mounted Solar Array
          SPRW-12-0018 MEADOWS Wind Turbines
          SPRW-12-0016 LANSING Solar Array
          SPRW-12-0014 CITY OF BOULDER Ground-mounted PV
          SPRW-12-0009 COLVIN Barn
          SPRW-12-0007 BOCO PARKS & OPEN SPACE Shade Shelter and Arbor
          SPRW-12-0005 FOX Storage Structure
          SPRW-12-0003 MONLEZUN Studio
          SPRW-12-0001 BARNES Workshop Addition
          SPRW-11-0069 JONES Addition SEE SPR-11-0094
          SPRW-11-0067 GUPTA Ground-mounted Solar Arrays
          SPRW-11-0063 DYER Addition
          SPRW-11-0061 LOSASSO Pole Barn
          SPRW-11-0058 COLVIN Barn
          SPRW-11-0056 ALCHEMY ACRES Aquaponic Greenhouse and Ground-mounted Solar Array
          SPRW-11-0054 KIRKPATRICK Addition
          SPRW-11-0052 WESTBY Greenhouse
          SPRW-11-0049 MOSTELLER Addition
          SPRW-11-0047 RESNICK Grading
          SPRW-11-0045 LAMPRIGHT Ground-mounted Solar Array
          SPRW-11-0043 DEBROUX Garage and Addition
          SPRW-11-0041 WHIMSY FARM Barn
          SPRW-11-0039 HUME Ground-mounted Thermal Solar
          SPRW-11-0037 HUNTER Garage and Stable
          SPRW-11-0035 ZINN Ground-mounted Solar Array
          SPRW-11-0033 ROTH/KESSLER Solar Array
          SPRW-11-0031 BOULDER VALLEY CHRISTIAN CHURCH Ground-mounted Solar Arrays
          SPRW-11-0029 SZYMANSKI Solar Array
          SPRW-11-0027 PIERCE Barn
          SPRW-11-0025 DOMICH Sunroom
          SPRW-11-0023 PRENGER Ground-mounted PV
          SPRW-11-0021 HAAS Studio/Storage
          SPRW-11-0019 KING Addition
          SPRW-11-0017 KNOWLES Carport
          SPRW-11-0014 BERG Grading
          SPRW-11-0011 RITTINGER Solar Array
          SPRW-11-0008 BOULDER COUNTY POS Grading
          SPRW-11-0006 WARD Residence
          SPRW-11-0004 THOMPSON Photovoltaic Array
          SPRW-12-0003 MONLEZUN studio
          SPRW-10-0072 STELLING ground-mounted PV array
          SPRW-10-0070 Miller Barn
expand (SU) Special Use Review Applications
          SU-17-0001 Stephen Resort Lodge
          SU-16-0004 Guber Educational Facility
          SU-16-0002 Verizon Telecommunication Tower
          SU-15-0007/LE-16-0001 City of Boulder Betasso Water Treatment Facility
          SU-15-0005 Postle Properties V LLC Multiple Principal Uses SU/SSDP
          SU-15-0003 MOMENTUM RECYCLING LLC Recycling Processing Facility SU/SSDP
          SU-15-0001 Colorado Real Estate Holdings, LLC SU-SSDP
          SU-14-0006 NEW EARTH HEALING SOUNDS AND WELLNESS Multiple Principal Uses SU/SSDP
          SU-14-0004 FOOTHILLS BUSINESS PARK SU/SSDP Amendment
          SU-13-0007 CLEAN ENERGY COLLECTIVE Medium Solar Garden SU/SSDP
          SU-13-0005 RAL, LLLP Multiple Principal Uses SU/SSDP
          SU-12-0009 T-BONE Stone Quarry
          SU-12-0007 / Z-12-0001 GREENBRIAR INN SU/SSDP/Z
          SU-12-0003 HORNING Reception Hall and Community Meeting Facility SU/SSDP
          SU-12-0001 AT&T Telecommunications Monopole SU/SSDP
          SU-11-0007 AT&T Telecommunication Facility SU/SSDP
          SU-11-0002 T-Mobile Telecommunications Facility SU/SSDP
          SU-10-0011 ODELL SAWMILL AND RESIDENCE SU/SSDP (Withdrawn)
          SU-10-0009 Rocky Mountain Fire Protection District Station No. 1 SU/SSDP
          SU-10-0007 Clearwire Telecommunications Facility
          SU-10-0003 AMERICAN TOWER Telecommunications Facility
          SU-96-01 Vineyard Christian Fellowship SU/SSDP
expand (V) Vacation Review Applications
          V-17-0001/EP-17-0004/SPRW-17-0014 Uttal Jesse Wood Vacation
          V-16-0010 Burd Vacation
          V-16-0007 Olsgard Vacation
          V-16-0005 Shockley and Tyler Vacation
          V-16-0003/SE-16-0007 MARRON Vacation and Subdivision Exemption
          V-16-0001/EP-16-0001 BOULDER HEIGHTS 3 Vacation and Replat A
          V-15-0002/SE-15-0005 Sheets, McDonald, Sutter and Rothschild Vacation and Boundary Line Adjustment
          V-14-0002 DART Vacation and Subdivision Exemption
          V-13-0003/SE-13-0005 LANGFORD Vacation and Lot Recognition
          V-13-0001/SE-13-0003/SPR-13-0006 JENSEN Vacation/ Lot Recognition/ Addition
          V-12-0001 LOSTRACCO, et al. Vacation
          V-11-0003 Eldorado Springs Drive (Hayne) Vacation WITHDRAWN
          V-11-0001 FOURMILE FPD Fire Barn
expand (VAR) Variance Request Review Applications
          VAR-17-0002 King
          VAR-16-0001 NOE Variance
          VAR-15-0002 ELLIOT Variance
          VAR-14-0002 SORENSEN Variance
          VAR-13-0007 FORREST Variance
          VAR-13-0004 CHRISTOPHER Variance
          VAR-13-0002 GATZA Variance
          VAR-12-0004 CAMPBELL/RUSSO Variance
          VAR-12-0002 JONES Variance
          VAR-11-0006 GOULD/MEYER Variance
          VAR-11-0004 HOLMBERG Variance
          VAR-11-0001 QWEST COMMUNICATIONS Variance
          VAR-10-0004 LINDEKE Variance
expand (Z) Rezoning Review Applications


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