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Transferable Development Credit Clearinghouse

Boulder County’s Transferable Development Credit (TDC) program requires that, in general, homeowners who wish to build residences with floor areas greater than 6,000 square feet in unincorporated Boulder County purchase TDC Certificates. Homeowners who own vacant parcels or smaller homes in unincorporated Boulder County have the opportunity to obtain TDC Certificates which can be sold in the TDC market.

The Transferable Development Credit (TDC) Clearinghouse can:

  • Provide you with Information on Boulder County’s new TDC program
  • Help you to obtain TDC Certificates for sale or purchase
  • Facilitate the market for TDCs
  • List your TDC Certificates for sale or purchase with the Clearinghouse at the TDC Marketplace
  • Register to Buy or Sell TDCs

You may also sell TCDs on the private market.

Conserving Your Property

To find out if you can obtain TDC Certificates by conserving your property, complete the TDC Determination Application and submit it to the TDC Clearinghouse or the Boulder County Land Use Department for processing.

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about conserving your property through the TDC process.

Obtaining TDCs

If you want to obtain TDCs for your property, you must agree to the Land Use Code regulations by keeping your parcel vacant or restrict the floor area of your residence to no more than 2,000 square feet. Please use the Ask a Planer form to begin the process of obtaining TDCs.

For regulation information, review the Boulder County Land Use Code and documents regarding the development of the Expanded Transferable Development Credits (TDR) Program, including code updates to the Site Plan Review regulations.

TDC Presentations

Boulder County hosted a series of presentations on the County Transfer of Development Credit (TDC) Program and Site Plan Review (SPR) regulations. Download the Presentations on the New County Transfer of Development Credit (TDC) Program and Site Plan Review (SPR) Regulations for public review.

Please Note: The information provided in this website is for general purposes only. The TDC Clearinghouse and Clearinghouse Administrator do not provide legal advice. Interested parties should consult their own legal and tax or financial counsel for information on their specific circumstances and advice on the legal consequences of obtaining, buying, selling, or using Transferable Development Credits. Although the Clearinghouse has used best efforts to ensure that the information provided on this site is accurate and reliable, we do not guarantee that it is fully correct or complete in every respect.

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