Flood Insurance Rate Map - Updates

FEMA has announced that the review and update to the Boulder County floodplain maps have been completed. The updated maps will become effective on December 18, 2012.

As part of the floodplain map updates, staff has identified areas within the floodplain administration regulations of the Land Use Code that should be amended in order to make corrections, provide policy clarification and generally improve the Code.

See Floodplain Information Updates for more information.

Did the floodplain change?

The floodplain boundaries have changed in certain areas because of updates to certain flood studies. Property owners affected by these changes have been notified. Boulder County also held public meetings in March and May to discuss the changes with residents.

Do I need flood insurance?

Federal law requires that a flood insurance policy be obtained as a condition of a federally-backed mortgage. Properties that are newly mapped into the floodplain may be eligible for a lower-cost Preferred Risk Policy if a flood insurance policy is in effect when the new maps become effective. Properties that are removed from the floodplain boundaries are required to continue insurance coverage until the effective date.

What if I believe that my house is elevated above the floodplain elevation?

You may apply to FEMA for a Letter of Map Amendment to have your house removed from the floodplain. Please see the FEMA handout - How to Apply for a LOMA.

Where can I see the new maps?

The City of Boulder and FEMA Map Service Center currently show the new maps. Boulder County website will show the new maps once they are officially adopted by the Board of County Commissioners.


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