Map of Fuels Treatment Projects

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As part of Boulder County’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan, we are building an interactive Google map of already existing hazardous fuels reduction projects. The purpose of this map is to inform residents of recent and on-going forest treatments to reduce the risk of wildfire.

Many different agencies and organizations are treating forests in Boulder County, including the U.S. Forest Service, the Colorado State Forest Service, Boulder County, the City of Boulder, the City of Longmont, Denver Water, private consulting firms, and individual fire protection districts. This map is intended to include information relating to projects from all these agencies in one location.

This map is currently in draft form. Including up-to-date and accurate information from a large number of agencies in one place is a complicated task. The map is designed so that each agency can enter the information about their projects directly into the map. As a result, you will notice some differences among projects.

Many individual landowners are working to remove hazardous fuels on their property. Their work is not included on this map unless they are partnering with and/or receiving funding from one of the agencies listed above. In addition, only project that are greater than 5 acres are included on this map.

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