Allenspark Sort Yard 

Community Forestry Sort Yards

The community forestry sort yards are CLOSED for the season.

Boulder County has established two community forestry sort yards – in Allenspark and Nederland – to collect wood and slash from county residents. Area residents can drop off logs and slash from private land for no charge at either community forestry sort yard.

Allenspark Area Sort Yard:

Nederland Area Sort Yard:

  • Location: 291 Ridge Road, Nederland (north of the Town of Nederland, east of Hwy. 72)
  • CLOSED for the season. Call 303-678-6368 for operational status, or contact the sort yard at 303-258-3622.

Both Sort Yards Accept:

When Hauling Slash, Logs and Yard Waste:

  • All material must be securely tied down
  • Keep all types of material (logs, slash and yard waste) separate within the load. Each type of material is unloaded in a different location.
  • Haul yard waste such as pine needles, grass clippings, pine cones, and bark mulch in reusable containers.

Special Handling for Hauling Noxious Weeds:

  • Special hauling requirements are in place to limit the spread of noxious weeds during transport.
  • Haul noxious weeds (the whole plant) in sealed compostable brown bags (exception thistles and mullein).
  • For thistles and mulleins, the flower section of the plant can be cut from the stem of the plant and bagged. The flower section contains the seeds.
  • View Noxious Weeds and Invasive Species Management to learn more about which plants are considered noxious weeds and how they should be removed.

Sort Yards Do Not Accept:

  • Do not drop-off any construction materials, root balls, stumps, dirt, furniture, household trash or wood with metal wire on/in.

Sort yards will accept vegetative flood debris only if it is free of mud and rocks.

Boulder County residents may use the county’s and the city of Boulder’s year-round and yard waste drop-off site (fees may apply) for items that are not accepted at forestry sort yards. For more information, email

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