New Needle Growth on Ponderosa Pine 

Forest Health Outreach Schedule of Events

Free Ponderosa Pine Ecology and Wildfire Mitigation Workshop

When: Tuesday, April 29, 7– 8:30 p.m.
Where: Sugarloaf Fire House # 2, 1360 Sugarloaf Road
What: Outreach program on ponderosa pine ecology, wildfire mitigation and discounted onsite chipping.
Who should attend? The program is open to everyone. However, residents in Sugarloaf Fire Protection District are especially encouraged to attend.
Program Description: Learn how to create a healthier ponderosa pine forest while also accomplishing wildfire mitigation objectives on your land. Guest Speaker, Ryan Ludlow, Boulder County's outreach forester, will talk about how each of us has the ability to greatly improve the health of our backyard forests. Selective thinning of our forests reduces competition and creates an environment that is more resilient to future wildfires and bark beetle outbreaks. Sponsored by Sugarloaf Fire Protection District and Boulder County.
Program Highlights:
  • Hear about our planned Community Chipping Days.
  • Sign-up for the discounted curbside chipping program.
  • Learn about simple spring maintenance tips to better prepare your home for wildfires.
  • Understand the latest wildfire mitigation science.
  • Learn how to retrofit your home to be more fire-resistant.
Sugarloaf Community Chipping Program: Boulder County awarded Sugarloaf Fire Protection District a community chipping reimbursement grant to help the community set up a curbside chipping program. This year Sugarloaf FPD will host three “curbside chipping days” on May 15, July 15 and Oct. 15. Please join us at the fire station to learn more about the heavily discounted chipping program. If you cannot attend and/or have questions please contact CB Bassity, Sugarloaf Firefighter, at 720-406-7835.

Free Wildfire Mitigation and Firewise Landscaping Workshop

When: Saturday, May 10, 9 a.m.–12 p.m.
Where: Gilpin County Community Center, 230 Norton Drive, Black Hawk
What: Half-day workshop focused on Wildfire Mitigation and Firewise Landscaping (event flyer)
Program Description: Defensible-space (D-space) does not mean moonscape: learn top tips on making your house less likely to burn in a wildfire, while still making it attractive. Sponsored by Boulder County, CSU Extensions, Gilpin County and Timberline Fire.
Workshop Highlights:
  • Learn the newest science available on home ignition in fire.
  • Lessons learned about why homes burned (and didn’t burn) from Four Mile, High Park, Black Forest, and Waldo Canyon fires.
  • Retrofitting older homes.
  • Learn about simple spring maintenance tips to better prepare your home for wildfires.
  • See attractive examples of d-space incorporating patio design and pathways.
  • Learn how to use fire-resistant native and adapted plants to add color and beauty to the mitigated area, and to attract birds to your land.
  • Firefighter’s perspective on saving your house.

RSVP’s are appreciated to help with planning, please call 303-582-9106.

If you would like to learn more about this exciting program contact Ryan Ludlow, Boulder County Land Use at 720-564-2641; or Irene Shonle, CSU Extension.

Boulder County offers forest management trainings and workshops throughout the year on a range of topics. Past trainings have focused on topics such as; bark beetle management, wildfire mitigation, and ponderosa pine restoration. These trainings are a great opportunity for private forest landowners to learn more about being active stewards of their land. See Wildfire Mitigation Education and Outreach Portal for more information.

For more information about upcoming trainings, bark beetle management strategies and forest stewardship, contact Ryan Ludlow, Boulder County’s outreach forester, at 720-564-2641 or email:

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