Wildfire Maps & Videos

Find videos and maps related to the Boulder County Community Wildfire Protection Plan, Fourmile Canyon Fire, wildfire history, and wildfire mitigation in Boulder County.

Videos: Fourmile Canyon Fire (8 videos)
Video: Walker Ranch Fire
Video: Black Tiger Fire
Video: Olde Stage Fire
Video: Overland Fire
Video: Properly Insure Your Home Against Wildfire Video

Maps: Fourmile Canyon Fire
Google Map: 2010 Fuels Treatment Projects
Map: Boulder County Wildfire Zones (672 KB)
Map: Wildfire History


Featured Programs

Boulder County Forest Health

This program promotes forest sustainability and stewardship of the land through outreach and education with private landowners. View aerial maps of bark beetle flights and infestation patterns. 

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

This plan was written to significantly increase and improve wildfire mitigation and preparedness efforts in advance of wildfires to accurately reflect the high risk and enormous costs associated with wildfire in Boulder County.