Can I purchase Assessor Parcel or Precinct Boundary Layers/Datasets?
Both parcel and precinct data is available for download free of charge, from Downloadable GIS Data. Questions concerning parcel data can be directed to the Assessor's Office at (303) 441-4830. Questions concerning precinct boundaries can be directed to the Boulder County GIS Program Manager
Who do I contact for GIS questions?
Contact the  or call 303-441-3958.
What projection and coordinate system does Boulder County use?
Colorado State Plane, North Zone projection, based upon the 1992 HARN adjustment of the 1983 North American Datum (NAD HPGN 83/92).
Where can I purchase the Boulder County Road Map?
A copy of the Boulder County Road Map can be purchased by contacting the Transportation Engineering Department at 303 441 3900
Where can I obtain information about the wildfire analysis of Boulder County's urban - wildland interface?
Information about the urban - wildland interface may be obtained at WHIMS.

Where can I get information about Boulder County's Ditch and Reservoirs?
Boulder County Ditch and Reservoir information can be obtained from the Transportation Engineering Department at (303) 441-3900
Where can I purchase the latest the Boulder County Open Space Map?
The Boulder County Open Space Map can be purchased from the Parks and Open Space Department.
Can I purchase geocoded and addressed road centerline data?
Road centerline data is available for download free of charge from the Colorado Department of Transportation.  You can download data for the entire state, or by county.  Other road and traffic-related information is offered at the CDOT Statistics, Maps & Data website.
Can I download any Boulder County GIS data for free?
Many GIS layers can be obtained, free of charge, from Downloadable GIS Data.
How often are the downloadable GIS datasets updated?
The GIS datasets are updated as necessary. The date of last update is in the metadata associated with each dataset.  
Does the county offer support for the GIS data layers downloaded from this site?
Conversions, projections, consultation or support are not provided for general distribution data.  The data is provided 'as is'.
What software can I use to view the downloadable GIS data ??
ArcGIS Explorer for layer packages and shapefiles.

Google Earth for KMZ format files.