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Find records related to properties, including property values, taxes, planning, building permits, zoning, land surveys, and septic systems.

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Property Search

Access detailed information about a property by searching for an address. Search results include ownership and zoning information and assessment values.

Land Use Department

The Land Use Department provides development review, comprehensive planning, building permits, building inspections, mapping services, land use code enforcement, forest health and wildfire protection planning and monitor legislative activity for unincorporated Boulder County. Learn more about building, zoning, planning, and code enforcement.

SepticSmart Program

Septic systems are the second most frequently cited source of groundwater contamination in our country. Unapproved, aging, and failing septic systems have a large impact on the quality and safety of our water supply. Learn about the health and property impacts of septic systems, check septic records and find out about the septic property transfer process.