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Visit for information regarding assistance, rebuilding, roads, debris management and other flood recovery issues.

Boulder County Damage Assessment Teams, including building inspectors, Assessor's and debris management staff, are determining the conditions of homes and other structures damaged by the flood. Residents are encouraged to report damage to your property as this will aid the Assessment Teams in their work.

The Board of County Commissioners on October 23, 2013, adopted interim rules for rebuilding homes in the aftermath of the flooding and mudslides that occurred in September. The adopted regulations allow property owners to restore and rebuild structures at the same size or smaller and at a safer location, as determined by a Hazard Mitigation Review. The Land Use Department began accepting appointments for onsite pre-application meetings for the Hazard Mitigation Review beginning November 4, 2013. Contact the Flood Rebuilding and Permitting Information Center at 303-441-1705 or for more information on rebuilding. View DC-13-0003: Front Range Flood and Extreme Rain Text Amendments to Article 19 of Land Use Code for more information on the Land Use Code regulations concerning flood rebuilding.

Flood-impacted residents of unincorporated Boulder County who have questions about the rebuilding process are asked to contact the Flood Rebuilding & Permit Information Center to speak with a staff member. The center is staffed by functional experts in onsite wastewater (septic) systems, floodplain regulations, transportation (private bridges and driveways), planning and building codes.

The 2013 Flood Recovery, Restoration and Repair Permit allows you to submit your application and receive an over-the-counter permit during the same visit. These permits are for flood repairs such as basement finishing, interior remodel, window replacement due to flood damage, as well as replacement of furnace/boilers, water heaters, electrical repairs, reroof, siding, gas line repair and plumbing.

Find information about property records and taxes using E-Mapping. Get help with planning, building, zoning, and property value appeals. Learn about property assessments and requirements for septic systems.

The Boulder County Land Use Department issues building permits for unincorporated areas of Boulder County.

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Wildfire Partners

Wildfire Partners is a new, voluntary program to help homeowners in Boulder County prepare for wildfire. Wildfire Partners provides a comprehensive on-site assessment of your home ignition zone including a customized report detailing actions you should take to ensure that you are fully prepared for future wildfires.

Community Chipping Reimbursement Program

Boulder County is offering financial assistance to encourage mountain communities to conduct community based chipping projects. Learn who can apply, how much assistance is available, and the approval process.

Forest Health Outreach Program

The Forest Health program promotes forest sustainability and stewardship of the land through outreach and education with private landowners. Learn more about forestry trainings and workshops, bark beetle management, forestry sort yards, and sign-up for the forest landowners email communication list.

Wildfire Mitigation

Ways to keep you and your family safe from wildfires. Measures to take before, during, and after a wildfire event.

Building and Zoning Enforcement

Boulder County Zoning Enforcement strives to enhance neighborhoods and the communities’ health, safety, and general welfare through efficient and effective code enforcement while respecting the property rights of our residents. Learn about enforcement related to building without a permit, home occupations, outdoor storage, rubbish, and keeping animals.