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Information on septic systems, ditches, wells and water testing as they relate to residents’ property and land.

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Ditch and Reservoir Directory

Boulder County Transportation Department gathers updates from ditch companies every other year and publishes the Ditch and Reservoir Directory.  The directory contains contact information, water commissioner information and state engineers.

SepticSmart (Onsite Wastewater Systems) 

Septic systems are a common source of groundwater contamination in our country. Unapproved, aging, and failing septic systems have a large impact on the quality and safety of our water supply. Check the septic system records for your property and find out more about property transfer requirements.

Pharmaceutical Disposal

Reduce the amount of chemicals that reach our waterways by following simple steps for home disposal or by dropping your pharmaceuticals off at a designated site. Learn more about home disposal and upcoming pharmaceutical drop-off events.