Closures & Construction

Boulder County Transportation manages the construction projects for roads, bridges, pathways, drainage improvements and trails. The projects listed on this page are related to flood recovery and regularly scheduled roadway maintenance.

County Road Projects

The following county roadway projects result in travel impacts to both motorists and cyclists. Please visit this page regularly for updates on the projects listed and for information on new projects. View the Roadway Closure Map to see these projects and where roads/bridges remain closed due to the 2013 flood. 

  • James Canyon Drive washout repaving through October 2014
    • Asphalt will be applied to the areas of James Canyon Drive, between Lefthand and Jamestown, that washed out during the 2013 flood
    • 7 a.m. to 7 p.m - Monday through Friday
    • Roadway open to locals and their guests and service providers only
      • Expect 15-minute delays in both directions
    • Additional roadside stabilization work will also take place in many areas
    • Project Contact =Andrew Barth- 303-441-1032
  • Lefthand Canyon Drive washout repaving through early November
    • Asphalt will be applied to the areas of Lefthand Canyon Drive, between Hwy 36 and mile marker 11, that washed out during the 2013 flood
    • 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. - Monday through Friday
    • Delays of up to 15-minutes can be expected during working hours
    • Traffic control/flaggers will be on site directing travelers - Please use caution 
    • Additional roadside stabilization work will also take place in many areas
    • Project Contact =Andrew Barth- 303-441-1032
  • East County Line Road Bridge to be replaced starting Monday, Aug. 25 - construction expected through early NovemberEast County Line Road Bridge Reconstruction
    • Crews will rebuild the bridge over St. Vrain Creek that washed away during the 2013 flood
    • The road will remain closed between Hwy 119 and Hwy 52 until the bridge is completed in late October/early November
    • Project Contact =Andrew Barth- 303-441-1032
  • Pine Brook Hills Subdivision - Retaining wall installation and roadway reconstruction
    • Crews began in Pine Brook Hills on July 28 - Work is expected to wrap up in mid-November 2014
    • Work will take place 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. - Monday through Friday
    • Roadway closures will be necessary to complete the work. The following roads will be closed during the work:
      • Pine Brook Road - Aug. 11 through mid-October
      • Bow Mountain Drive - Late August through late-October
      • Timber Lane - Aug. 11 through November
    • Detours will be established
    • Project Information Hotline - 720-452-6762 or email Public Information Team
  • Highway 119 Underpass at Airport Road
    • Northbound 119 - ONE LANE - Monday, Sept. 29 & Tuesday, Sept. 30
      • Need to replace the asphalt due to "dips" 
    • The overall project began April 22 and is anticipated to last until late December, weather permitting.
    • Hwy 119 will be reduced to one-lane at various times during the project to accommodate construction vehicles and work area shifts
    • Ogallala Road will be closed to all traffic until Aug./Sept.
    • Access to northbound Airport Road will remain open throughout the project. 
    • Project Contact =Andrew Barth- 303-441-1032
  • Lee Hill Shoulder Reconstruction & Retaining Wall Installation COMPLETE! Roadway now open in both directions
    • Minor work remains, but delays will be minimal
    • Project Contact =Andrew Barth- 303-441-1032
  • Flagstaff Road Reconstruction - Learn more
    • Flagstaff Road closed to vehicles & cyclists - 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. - Monday through Friday - Through November 2014
    • Pedestrians restricted from using roadway 24-hours a day, 7-days a week due to unsafe walking conditions. Please use area trails.
    • Access to Flagstaff above the closure can be achieved via Gross Dam Road off of Coal Creek Canyon Drive/Highway 72
    • Crews are building a bridge in the area that washed out during the Sept. 2013 flood
    • Project Contact = Boulder County -  Andrew Barth, 303-441-1032 OR Structures Inc - 720-244-9150
  • LOBO Trail (Longmont - Boulder) Repairs at 95th Street - COMPLETE, but recent rains have submerged the area under the bridge - do not ride through the water - Use the access to 95th Street. - Boulder County and the City of Longmont working to fix the problem. 
    • Repairs to the washed out portion of the LOBO Trail near 95th Street are complete and the trail is open to the public
    • Trail was damaged during 2013 flooding when Lefthand Creek overtopped its banks. 
    • Although the trail is open at this location, portions of the trail between 95th Street and the pedestrian bridge northeast of Ogallala Road are still in need of repair
      • Ongoing utility work has prevented the repairs at this spot. 
      • Please use caution navigating this area
      • The trail will need to be closed for a week at a date to be determined to complete the remaining repairs
    • Project Contact = Dave Webster - 303-441-3900

    Cycling Restrictions

    The following roads have travel restrictions for cyclists only due to safety concerns with the road surface and heavy construction traffic stemming from the 2013 flood event. Please respect the restrictions. Boulder County and CDOT are working to reopen these areas to cyclists as soon as possible. View the Cycling Closure Map . (NOTE - The map is being updated so some closures and restrictions may not appear.)

    • CDOT - US36 (west of Lyons) Closed to Cyclists  - Likely until the fall 2014 
      • 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until the fall of 2014
      • To help facilitate emergency roadway repairs stemming from the 2013 flood event
        • Work being completed by CDOT
      • Westbound (Lyons to Estes Park) closures start at mile marker 10.7 (County Road 47) and continue through mile marker 11.3.
      • Eastbound (Estes Park to Lyons) closures start at mile marker 16.2 (west of County Road 80) and continue through mile marker 19 (near Planet Bluegrass)
      • Learn more at the CDOT project website or call the project hotline - 970-591-0001
    • James Canyon - Cycling restricted to locals with permits only
      • Effective Thursday, May 8, 2014
      • Also applies to non-local vehicles and bikes- guests of residents and service vehicles permitted (i.e., mail, deliveries, school buses, contractors) 
      • Extensive flood recovery work taking place throughout the canyon
      • Heavy machinery + temporary roads = unsafe riding and driving conditions
      • Call 303-441-3650 to obtain a cycling permit  

      Other Non-County Construction within Boulder County

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