Adopt-A-County Road

Lefthand Alliance GroupModeled after a national program, the Adopt-A-County Road program began in 1990 as a way to keep roadways litter-free. The program has grown to:

  • approximately 1000 volunteers
  • 80 groups
  • 138 miles of roadway cleaned.

Volunteers find the program to be a positive experience that allows their group to interact with each other and their community. 

All volunteers are required to watch the Meth Lab Recognition Video (7:53 min) created by the Colorado Department of Transportation for the safety of everyone cleaning up the roadways.

Thank you to Western Disposal Services for their continued support with the Adopt-A-Road Program.Flagstaff Frenzy Member

More information contact Boulder County Transportation Department at 303-441-3900.

Interested in the Adopt-A-Highway Program through the Colorado Department of Transportation? Visit the Colorado Adopt-A-Highway website.

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Boulder County Transportation
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