James, Lefthand, Fourmile Canyons Temporary Asphalt Paving

During the September 2013 flood event, miles of Boulder County's canyon roads were washed away by the creeks that they follow into the mountains. After the flood waters subsided, Boulder County installed temporary gravel roads in areas that were once paved. 

Beginning in August 2014, Boulder County will return to these temporary sections to lay asphalt down, reinforce roadway shoulders and re-stripe the surface. Because permanent reconstruction is not expected to start until 2015, the asphalt overlay will be easier, and less costly to maintain throughout the winter and spring and will improve safety by reducing the number of potholes, ruts and potential for washboarding. The temporary paving will ensure that the roads remain safe and passable for all users through next spring while permanent roadway designs are completed and funding is secured. 

Learn more about plans for the permanent reconstruction of Boulder County's canyon roads.

Lefthand Canyon Drive temporary paving

Project Schedule:

  • Fourmile Canyon Drive NOW COMPLETE
  • James Canyon Drive - COMPLETE
  • Lefthand Canyon Drive - COMPLETE
Please use caution navigating these roads during construction. Drive slow and share the road. Learn more about safe cycling/driving in Boulder County's canyons

Temporary Striping

After the asphalt has been laid, temporary striping will be applied to the roadway and signage will be placed that alerts drivers and cyclists to those places where the shoulder has been washed away, which will force cyclists into the roadway with vehicles. The graphic below provides an example of what the road striping and signage may look like.

Temporary signing and striping     

Project Contact:

  • Andrew Barth - email or call 303-441-3900