Flagstaff Road Reconstruction

New Information:

Flagstaff Road Flood Recovery Reconstruction Complete


During the 2013 flood event, Flagstaff Road was badly damaged. The most extensive damage occurred approximately 1,000 feet up from Gregory Lane, where a major slope failure washed away a 200-foot section of the roadway going up Flagstaff Road.

Flagstaff Road washout area

Temporary measures were put in place following the flood, which provided one-lane, traffic signaled-access to residents and visitors. Permanent repairs are necessary to ensure long-term safety for all users of Flagstaff Road. 


  • A contractor constructed a 200-foot long bridge in the uphill lane that spans the washed out area and more. 
    • The picture to the right is of the drill rig that's currently drilling holes for the caissons that the bridge supports will sit on/in. 
Flagstaff Drill Rig


  • Work has been completed

Flagstaff Road asphalt application October 2014Project Contacts:

Dan DeLange  
Boulder County Transportation

Andrew Barth  
Boulder County Transportation - Communications