Mountain Town Transit Feasibility Study

Read the final version of the Boulder County Mountain Town Transit Feasibility Study.

The Boulder County Mountain Town Transit Feasibility Study assesses the viability of new and expanded transit service to:

  • our mountain communities and connections to Boulder,
  • Longmont,
  • Gilpin County (Blackhawk/Central City),
  • and Larimer County (Estes Park). Photo of Allenspark Post Office

The study area includes the communities of:

  • Eldora,
  • Ward,
  • Jamestown,
  • Allenspark,
  • Lyons,
  • Gold Hill,
  • Nederland, and
  • the Brainard Lake Recreation Area.

The study examines:

  • the demand for transit service to and from these communities;
  • the amount, type, and configuration of viable service; and
  • the cost/benefit implications of such service.

This effort also seeks to strike a sensible balance between expanding personal mobility and travel choices for local residents, employees, and visitors while ensuring cost-effective investment of limited transportation resources and funding. The results of this study will inform the county's ongoing Transportation Master Plan, community-specific transportation planning efforts, and other planning and funding pursuits.

The project, initiated in April 2010 and was completed in January 2011.


Boulder County Transportation
Jared Hall