Four Mile - Salina Junction


Finished culvert

Project Background:

Boulder County has completed improvements to the intersection of Four Mile Canyon Drive and Gold Run Road at Salina Junction. The 2013 Flood washed out much of the intersection and collapsed an existing 48” metal culvert that was meant to carry Gold Run across the intersection during storm events.

The repairs replaced the washed out culvert with a larger structure that is better able to carry large storm events; prevent damage to both roadways; and better maintain traffic through the intersection both during and after a major flood. Installing a larger culvert at the site will require widening out the existing Gold Run channel upstream of the intersection and removing some of the rock that is currently constraining flood waters through the site.

Salina Junction Project Rendition

Project Documents:

Contact Information:

  • Andrew Barth - 303-441-1032 or email

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