Photo of rural subdivision road in fair condition 

Subdivision Paving Working Group

The Transportation Department convened a citizen’s Subdivision Paving Working Group (SPWG) in 2013 to review and offer guidance on how either a Public Improvement District (PID) or Local Improvement District (LID) might be crafted to address deteriorating subdivision roads in Boulder County in the most acceptable manner to subdivision residents and property owners.

The group of 15 members committed to a series of five meetings from April through June. All working group members were residents of an unincorporated subdivision, represent a diverse geographic area, and come with many years of experience, expertise, knowledge and interest in working on public taxing issues, particularly those that involve road and transportation projects.


SPWG Meeting Notes and Presentations

Final Subdivision Paving Working Group Input & Improvement District Policy Recommendations (July 2013)

April 24 Meeting

May 8 Meeting

May 22 Meeting

June 5 Meeting

June 19 Meeting

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