Photo of Stone Canyon Intersection 

Stone Canyon/US 36 Intersection - Pedestrian Safety Improvements

The goal of the Stone Canyon Intersection project is to increase safety for bicycles and pedestrians while maintaining intersection functionality for motorists and the surrounding businesses.

Both the Town of Lyons and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) have been working to improve this intersection for a number of years. Safety concerns about the high speed of traffic combined with stop-sign control, multiple traffic movements, and lack of bicycle and pedestrian facilities at the intersection prompted Boulder County to include intersection improvements on its list of Countywide Transportation Projects approved by voters for funding in November 2007.

Boulder County, CDOT and the Town of Lyons have since begun to develop a conceptual design for safety improvements to the intersection. This design includes:

  • improving the approach geometry for both Stone Canyon Drive and McConnell Drive;
  • channelizing right turning traffic on three legs of the intersection, and
  • providing improved pedestrian safety through the use of pedestrian refuges.

Conceptual Design

The attached conceptual design was presented to the public at a Public Open House on November 18, 2009. Comments included:

  • questions about the need for the intersection improvements with a traffic signal;
  • requests that CDOT look at reducing speed limits along the highway, and
  • specific questions about the proposed design.

Contact Tim Swope,, 720-564-2658 for the most current information.