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The Issue

Boulder County formed a Subdivision Paving Local Improvement District (LID or “District”) in 2013 to address the needed reconstruction of nearly 150 miles of paved roads in 118 unincorporated subdivisions. On July 25, 2014, a Boulder District Court judge invalidated the LID and ordered that all property assessments be refunded to property owners within the District.
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The Boulder County Treasurer has refunded all 2014 LID assessments back to property owners. Each property now shows a VALUE of ZERO ($0.00) under the line item “Subdivision Paving District LID Special Assessment” on the property tax bill.

Withdrawal and Release of Liens was filed on July 31, 2014 serving as public notice that all liens created under the LID are withdrawn and released by order of court. We have notified title companies and mortgage companies of these changes.

If you wish to contact your mortgage company to request a readjustment in your monthly escrow amount, we've provided an Escrow Readjustment Request Form (or letter) that can be sent/faxed/e-mailed along with a current copy of your property tax statement.To view/print an updated copy of your property tax statement, use the Look-Up Property function on the Treasurer's website. Unfortunately, Boulder County cannot contact mortgage companies on your behalf due to privacy issues. 

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2014 LID Property Assessment

As of July 25, 2014, the authorization and formation of the Subdivision Paving Local Improvement District and the imposition of assessments on properties in the District were invalidated. Therefore, the Assessment Rolls below are for informational/historical purposes only; they are no longer active representations of amounts due by property.

Looking for information about the Subdivision LID Advisory Committee (SPLIDAC)? 


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