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Subdivision Paving LID Refund Status Report

Approximately 10,100 LID refund checks were mailed out on Monday, Aug. 18, 2014.

Releasing the Liens

On July 25, 2014, the Boulder District Court (ruling in Case No. 13 CV 31685 - Wibby v. Board of County Commissioners) invalidated the Local Improvement District (LID) and ordered Boulder County to refund all paid assessments with interest. As a result, the county has moved forward swiftly in returning LID assessments to property owners and removing the liens from District properties. 

Withdrawal and Release of Liens was filed on July 31, 2014, serving as notice to the public and all property transfer agencies that any and all liens created under the LID are withdrawn and released by order of court. We have informed title companies and mortgage companies that regularly contact us for property tax information of these facts.

Seeking a Mortgage Escrow Readjustment

If you wish to contact your mortgage company to request a readjustment in your monthly escrow amount, we've provided an Escrow Readjustment Request Form (or letter) that can be sent/faxed/emailed along with a current copy of your property tax statement.To view/print an updated copy of your property tax statement, use the Look-Up Property function on the Treasurer's website. Unfortunately, Boulder County cannot intervene on your behalf with mortgage companies due to privacy issues. 


Most refunds were straightforward. The vast majority of refunds (which included an interest rate of 8% per annum from date payment was processed) were returned directly back to the party that originally paid either the first year's annual assessment or the full 15-year payment.
Interest Calculation FAQs for Subdivision Paving LID Refunds

In some cases, where property ownership transferred during the eight months under the LID, refunds have been made to title companies to distribute back to the transaction parties according to their real estate settlement documents.

In general:

  • If you (or your mortgage company) paid the assessment as part of your annual tax bill, you will get a check from the Treasurer’s Office for the paid amount (plus 8% annum interest from the date of receipt of payment). The check will be sent to your address of record with the County Treasurer’s Office. Refunds will not go back to mortgage escrow accounts.

  • If you paid off the full 15-year assessment, but remained in your property (i.e., did not transfer sale of your property in the past 8 months), you will receive two checks (in the same envelope): 1) the first year's refund (with 8% annum interest from the date of receipt of payment) from the Treasurer's Office, and 2) a check for years 2-15 (with 8% annum interest from the date of receipt of payment) from the Boulder County Financial Services Division. The checks will be sent in one envelope to your address of record with the County Treasurer’s Office.

  • If you recently sold a property* in the District and the full 15-year payment was paid through a title company, the refund will go back to the title company for disbursement according to the settlement documents.

  • If none of these situations apply to you, you are most likely in our small number of "case management" files which will be handled and coordinated according to your unique situation. If you have questions or concerns about your particular situation, please call our subdivision paving phone line at (303) 441-1612 or the Boulder County Treasurer’s office at (303) 441-3520 to let us know of any special circumstances.

Boulder County will move forward in spending the $955,000 it committed  to projects in 2014 (representing 20% of the total annual revenue from the LID). The 20% "match" is dedicated to "community use" roads in subdivisions that lead to schools, trailheads, places of worship, and other purposes that residents who live outside the subdivision might regularly use.

Please know that the Board of County Commissioners remains committed to working with subdivision residents to help solve the continuing subdivision road reconstruction problem. A public meeting was held on Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014 for the Board to receive an update from the Transportation Department and Budget Office on the current status of subdivision roads. The meeting was video-taped and will be archived on the website. (Study Session Presentation)

2014 LID Property Assessment

As of July 25, 2014, the authorization and formation of the Subdivision Paving Local Improvement District and the imposition of assessments on properties in the District were invalidated. Therefore, the Assessment Rolls below are for informational/historical purposes only; they are no longer active representations of amounts due by property.

Please continue to email our subdivision paving team with your comments and ideas.


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