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Free Fare Longmont

All local bus routes within Longmont will be free for all users until Dec. 31, 2015! 
A FREE shuttle service runs between Nederland and the Hessie Trailhead from June through October. 

Bus Then Bike Program

Bus-Bike Shelters provide long-term, secure and weather-protected bicycle storage for commuters making connections to and from local or regional transit routes. Combine a bus trip and bike ride by using the shelter to complete the first or final mile of your commute! Your bike will be secure and sheltered from the weather and you'll no longer have to load your bike on and off the bus everyday!

Trip Tracker

Trip Tracker is a program that engages school children and their parents in helping to reduce car traffic at schools and in surrounding neighborhoods. 

Diagonal Shift

The "Diagonal Shift" is a program that encourages carpooling, vanpooling, riding the bus, bicycling, and walking for trips along State Highway 119 (the "Diagonal Highway") including both the corridor and within the City of Longmont.

Bike Count Program

Started in 2013, the Bike Count Program aims to understand cyclists' usage of Boulder County roadways, so that improvements can be made in order to facilitate more biking throughout the area.