Diagonal Shift FAQ's

Q: Am I eligible?

A: Anyone who starts or ends their carpool trip along State Highway 119 (the Diagonal Highway, including Gunbarrel, Niwot and unincorporated areas) or within Longmont city limits.

Q: How do I find people to carpool with?

A: Usually, the best place to start is with your neighborhood or your workplace. It’s always easier to carpool with someone you are at least a little familiar with than a complete stranger. At the same time, it’s a little awkward to approach someone and say: “Where do you live? Let’s carpool!” There are a couple ways to find some matches:

  1. Contact your HR person/department, share your interest in carpooling
  2. Contact the Diagonal Shift program directly (shift@bouldercounty.org) and they can work with the HR person/department to set up a system or meeting
  3. Register on the regional carpool matching website

Q: What if my carpooler and I don’t travel the whole way together?

A: Still counts! Even though you and your carpooler(s) are not traveling the entire trip together, you are still eliminating some driving. When entering your trip details, try to put in information about the distance you are actually traveling together.

Q: Do I have to make round trips?

A: Yes. Otherwise, how would carpooler(s) get back?

Q: Do we take turns driving?

A: The great thing about carpooling is you can adapt it to your needs. One person can drive all the time and the rider(s) pays a share for gas. Carpooler(s) can also decide to take turns driving and thus share the expense of gas in that manner.

Q: What is standard carpool etiquette?

A: There are some basics that apply here as for other areas of life, including: be on time, communicate when your schedule changes, ask for help when there are conflicts (email shift@bouldercounty.org). You can also email us for other tips on how to plan successful carpools.

Q: What if something comes up and I can’t carpool on the day we scheduled?

A: Life happens. Try to communicate as soon as possible to your carpooler(s) about your circumstances and try to solve the issue as soon as possible.