Past Events

March 2013 Carpool Incentive

For the month of March, the Diagonal Shift will be rewarding carpoolers who travel along the Diagonal or in Longmont who carpool at least four times - about once a week - with two free coffees to either Ziggi's Coffee House or Brewing Market (a $10 gift card). Those who carpool and send a picture of their carpool group from each day they carpool will be entered into a drawing for each member of the carpool to win free coffee for the month of April (a $50 value).

Enter the Challenge

  1. Register by March 8
  2. Each week, fill out a survey via email
  3. Send your carpool pictures to if you want to participate in the free coffee for a month challenge.
  4. Carpool must include at least one other person.

How do you find a carpool?

  1. Create an account on iCarpool
  2. Contact to organize an on-site presentation/carpool matching meeting coordinated by the Diagonal Shift program free of charge.

The Rules

  • You must have at least two people in your carpool (including yourself)
  • Adult family members count (those who have a driver's license)
  • Any type of trip is eligible to work, to lunch, to the gym, to the grocery store, to school, etc.
  • For the photos: you must include at least two people in your carpool in your pictures and those who send more pictures will have more chances to win (maximum of one picture/day/carpool)! Email pictures to
  • Have more questions? Find your answers.