Boulder County Road Code

The safety of all Boulder County roadway users, especially of bicyclists, is a priority of the Transportation Department. To this end, the department has focused on a variety of techniques to improve safety and continues to develop new programs and policies.

  • Expansion of the bikeable shoulders network. County engineers and planners work to widen shoulders where possible during re-striping and constructing shoulders when completing road reconstruction projects.
  • Chip sealing. While chip sealing is often seen as a short-term negative situation for bicyclists, it provides an opportunity to increase space allotted for bicycles by widening shoulders and improve intersection design with an eye toward bike safety. Boulder County has also taken steps to mitigate the effect of chip sealing for bicyclists by using smaller chips and "fog-coating".
  • Bicycle Maps. Boulder County produced their first bicycle map in 2010 and we are currently working on updates and revisions for a 2012 version. These maps are valuable in that they identify bikeable shoulders as well as indicate road volumes/speeds, allowing bicyclists to make informed decisions when selecting routes. View the 2011 Bicycle Map
  • Cyclist Waiting Areas. To-date, the county has constructed five Cyclist Waiting Areas on canyon roads. These signed areas are provided at safe locations where bicyclists can pull-off to allow auto traffic to pass, or re-group and wait for slower riders. Additional waiting areas and improvements to existing locations are being planned for 2012.
  • Canyon Road Signage. Highly visible, yellow road signs have been installed on canyon roads that remind motorists to "Be Aware, Pass With Care" and to remind bicyclists to ride "Single File At Curves". These help both motorists and bicyclists to rememberĀ that "courtesy is contagious". Being patient and respectful of others will ensure that everyone arrives at their destination safely.

Learn more about the rules of theĀ road/bicycle legislation in Colorado.


Boulder County Transportation
Brian Graham