Transportation Assistance

Mobility For All

A low income family can spend as much money on transportation per month as it does on housing. Reducing a low income family's transportation costs is a critical step on the path to self-sufficiency. Boulder County's Mobility for All program provides transit support and other types of transportation assistance to help low income individuals get to their jobs, job training, job interviews or schools.

Mobility for All provides transit support to low income families and individuals through several types of social service programs:

  • Transitional housing for homeless individuals and families
  • Safehouses for domestic violence┬ásurvivors
  • Community based anti-poverty programs
  • Family self-sufficiency programs
  • Half-way homes for county youth and adult ex-offenders

This transit support is funded with local sales tax and federal grant monies.

Mobility for All also provides transportation assistance through its Bus Buddy program. This program makes travel trainers available to help people become familiar and comfortable with using public transportation.

Boulder County also established a Local Coordinating Council in 2012. The council helps transportation and social service agencies in Boulder County better provide transportation services to individuals with mobility challenges, including seniors, low income families, and people with disabilities.


Boulder County Transportation

Deryn Ruth Wagner