Juvenile Services

The Boulder County Juvenile Center provides services to criminally charged youth, whose offenses range from municipal warrants to felonies. In addition to providing services such as lodging, assessments, and supervision, the Juvenile Center offers community service and alternative incarceration programs to its clients.

Pretrial Programs

  • Juvenile Center
    Provides up to 48 hour secure lodging for youth ages 10-17 detained pending a court hearing. This 20 bed facility provides structured programming and four hours of educational activities daily.
  • Detention Screening Process
    Arrested youth who are brought to Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC) are booked into the database. If the arresting agency determines that an individual needs to be lodged, center staff will begin the Bond Commissioner process. Youth arrested on district or county charges under the jurisdiction of the 20th Judicial District are assessed for bond, with adherence to the District’s Administrative Rules. 
  • Juvenile Bond Commissioner Program
    Juvenile Center staff perform initial bond assessments of incarcerated youth in accordance with 20th Judicial District Administrative Rules. Juveniles may be released on bond by Center staff with appropriate conditions established to ensure public safety.
  • Boulder Enhanced Supervision Team (B.E.S.T.)
    An intensive pretrial supervision program for youth at risk of being detained pending disposition of their charges. The program philosophy is based on building a positive relationship between youth and caseworker. Behavior is closely supervised to ensure proper services are being provided the youth while remaining in the community. B.E.S.T. is funded by the state SB 94 program.

Juvenile Post-Sentencing Programs

  • Juvenile Community Service Program
    Allows youth to perform community service as a condition of their court sentence. The program refers youth into selected tax-supported or non-profit agencies which provide supervised work environments. The youth are able to work off restitution or community service hours ordered by the court.
  • Weekend Alternative Sentencing Program
    Permits youth who would normally be sentenced to a state Division of Youth Services regional detention center to be lodged in the Juvenile Center.
  • School/Work Release Alternatives Sentencing Program
    Allows youth who would normally be sentenced to a state Division of Youth Services regional detention center to be lodged in our Juvenile Center for up to 21 days. The youth is released each day to attend school or work in accordance with a case plan jointly developed with the courts. Youth are carefully monitored during the release period and reports are forwarded to the court upon completion of the program.

Juvenile Diversion Programs

  • D.A. Diversion Community Service Program
    Provides youth who would normally be charged with a criminal offense an opportunity to perform community service in lieu of being processed further within the justice system. Staff monitor youth doing community service and paying restitution and submit reports to the District Attorney's office upon completion.

    Email your questions on juvenile programs to Juvenile Services Administrator.



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